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Posted: 11/24/2001 10:03:25 AM EDT
If I put a telescoping stock on my pre-ban (in the collapsed position)would it be short enough to be used as a youth rifle???
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 10:21:19 AM EDT
That would depend on how big the youth is. I personally would prefer a good .22 for my boys. As you are Wis and have Dunhams sports there. I would let you in on the deal of the decade. Romanian .22 bolt action trainers for $59. Well built and very accurate. I bought one for each of my boys, and one for me. Just my feeling but I think my kids can get by on rimfire until they can buy their own.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 10:44:30 AM EDT
Mulder its worked for my and my 9 year old nephew

its a good excuse to buy a 22lr conversion kit too
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 11:29:31 AM EDT
Started out my then 6 year old boy with a .22 Chipmunk. Was just the right size for him. I also have a dedicated .22 upper that I put on a pre-ban BM with a collapsible stock that he really enjoys.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 2:33:41 PM EDT
I bought my son a Crickett .22 www.crickett.com

One of my ARs with a collapsed telestock is also the right length for him, but it's too muzzle heavy for him to shoot easily. I plan on building him up an AR with the lightest components I can find when I move him to centerfire.

Link Posted: 11/24/2001 4:44:16 PM EDT
I did that for my boy when he was 9 and it worked fine.
Link Posted: 11/24/2001 4:49:36 PM EDT
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