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Posted: 1/4/2002 8:27:37 PM EDT
How many rounds does your 'Range Queen' AR, the one you shoot the most have on it and have you had to make any major repairs since you got her?

My 'Range Queen" is a 97 model Century Post-Ban A1 style rifle with about 8000 rounds on her. It had some smaller parts and the bolt and bolt carrier replaced when 'new' (used demilled to AR-15 config surplused parts).

Had a bad short recoil problem, thought it was completly fixed.

Thought I had it cured but she showed it again after about 800 sequential rounds shooting her filthy over a peroid of several months (initially deliberatly over lubed) and she started short recoiling again. Removed and inspected the gas tube, the gas tube (remember, very used M-16 parts from Century) was visibly worn at the bolt end. Replaced the tube and fixed it.

This is the only part I have replaced in nearly 8000 rounds and it was proabally defective from the get go.

Whats your 'Range Queen's' history?

Link Posted: 1/4/2002 8:38:00 PM EDT
Intersting. I have just recently assembled what will be my range queen but it is almost too nice to be relegated to such an unworthy position but what the hell some people were just born to be ditch diggers. I digress. It's an unused (like new) Colt M-16A1 upper on a new Rock River lower. Used M-16A1 furniture. An ASA post ban legal compensator and a useless piece of steel that used to be a bayonet lug. I can't wait to abuse it.
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