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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/2/2003 1:35:39 PM EST
Per Duff's book, GI spec Garand recoil spring should be 19.75" to 20.25" in length with coil separations no less than 1/32" and no more than 1/8".

My CMP recoil spring is 19 5/32" though the coil separations are in spec. The Wolff spring I purchased is 21.25". Being an inch over the spec, I am concerned extra power (thus increase forward bolt speed) would increase the chance of slam fire (since the firing pin is free floating) or place too much stress on all parts involved during the loading cycle.

Has anyone experienced the concerns mentioned above while used the Wolff XP recoil spring on the Garand?
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 9:00:10 AM EST
Do not use "Extra Power" or other springs in this system. Get a new spring from CMP and the rifle will work flawlessly as should the one you have.

Surprisingly enough, the designers of the M14 knew something about spring rates and the like. You'r asking for stoppages dicking with this spring.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 8/3/2003 8:09:37 PM EST
Yeah, agreed. I had already placed an order for a GI spec recoil spring. Extra power is generally good in mags but not in the case of the Garand. I believe increasing bolt speed on a free floating firing pin design is asking for a slam fire.
Link Posted: 8/4/2003 11:11:32 AM EST
I've used Wolff XP recoil springs on M1's and M1A's and never had any problems.In fact,all the guys here who shoot highpower rifle use them.

If you're shooting surplus or even reloads with Winchester primers it's not an issue.Because this type of ammo has a heavier (thicker) primer cup for just that reason.


I have also said that the trigger pull on these rifles can be reduced to 3-1/2 lbs just like Fulton does it (I've done it).Even though some say no.

I always reccomend checking the length of the FIRING PIN TIP.A long firing pin tip will cause slam fires even when used with Std. recoil springs.

Link Posted: 8/5/2003 2:48:10 PM EST
"High Power" shooting is range shooting and you can get away with lots of stuff on the range which would kill you in another shooting "event."

I admittedly see the world thru green tinted lenses where a stoppage means more than lost points or an alibi.

-- Chuck
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