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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/1/2006 4:14:27 PM EST
...if that name means something to you, then you know where I'm headed with this.

I've always been on the lookout for a 12-pellet #1 buckshot load since reading Cotey's article comparing likely terminal effectiveness of 12-gauge rounds. To make a long story short, he concluded that:

1. #1 buck has the potential to offer the most tissue destruction while maintaining the 12 inch minimum penetration standard. More than the bigger buckshot pellets (yes, including 00). The smaller buckshot pellets don't give reliable deep penetration.

2. low recoil makes sense. pellets at very high velocity (1300+ fps) shed velocity very quickly (spheres aren't very aerodynamic) when supersonic, which makes pursuing a high muzzle velocity sort of pointless. MacPherson followed up by saying that even today's low-recoil/tactical rounds at around 1150-1200 fps would be made even more effective if dropped to around 1000 fps.

3. A payload of similar weight to 9-pellet 00 buck would make a lot of sense...that would be 12 pellets of #1 buck. It's just that nobody offered that load, especially at reduced velocities.

So I recently found some that fit the above criteria. I put in an order for one box, just to see what the product was like, before buying more.

The good news:
--it's the only offering I've ever found that meets the above criteria, #1-3. At a listed 1210 fps, it's closer to a "low recoil" load than full power.

The bad news:
--it's definitely not a LEO load. No shot cup, no plated shot...probably spreads a good deal. People who lust for tight patterns at 50 yards won't like this. I, on the other hand, would use it for HD at distances no greater than 15 yards. I imagine it would be fine for me...testing would be required to confirm.
--like a lot of 2 3/4 inch shells, it's a bit longer than standard. Only 6 shells fit in my 7-shell mag tube. That's a real bummer to me. If I end up liking the load, I'll probably start with 3 of these, and finish with 4 00 shells due to the mag-tube issue. Otherwise, I'd go 7 of these all the way.
--It's Sellier & Bellot. I'm sure some of you don't care for their brand, though I've never had problems with their stuff.

I'm not claiming this to be revolutionary ammo, just a change of pace from what's currently offered.
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