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Posted: 10/29/2010 5:00:52 AM EDT
I've always loved the 62a - I learned to shoot my grandfather's when I was 6 or so and it was the same one that my father learned on as well. That one has been passed to my father and I will eventually own it until it is passed to my son and so on. They are just great little rifles; light, easy to shoot and just look good. Well this past Sunday I took my son to our local Cabelas store and low and behold there was one on the used rifle rack. I picked it up and looked at it - big piece of the plastic butt plate missing- crap. I also noticed that the sight blade was missing. I put it back down and started thinking - ok are these parts available? How much? It's a 62a at a smoking price...... what else is wrong that I can't see.

I walked a lap around the store showing my boy all of the mounts and made my way back to the rack. A little closer inspection and the screws holding the wood forearm were gone. With the rifle all locked down with trigger locks and zip ties this was about as far as I could go. Did I need to buy this rifle, shouldn't I be savinging up for that '03 Springfield that I want? I left. When I got home I started to look in the internet. Buttplate $16, sight blade $3, forearm screws $6.

Needless to say I went back and bought it! Yes, it is a C&R rifle, but I just bought it as a normal Joe Blow since I'm sure trying to do a C&R transfer would have made their heads explode. Serial #110xxx and it appears that she was mfg'd in late 1940. There are a few small dings in the wood and a couple scratched in the bluing, but other than that she's a beaut! Barrel is excellent and rifling is sharp and bright. 90% or so on the bluing and all the mechanical parts are in excellent condition.

Replacement parts should be here today, so it will be a fun weekend project.

Pics - yes I know! I will post some this weekend.

So, it looks like my son will be getting two 62a's at some stage........
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