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Posted: 7/19/2008 7:53:59 PM EDT
Has anybody tried these? I am thinking about getting 2K of them, mostly to load for my FAL. What do you guys think?

M80 Mil. Spec 145gr FMJBT w/c

Copper Jacketed Bullets.


(see MBM80B for prepaid 2000rd pack)

These are REAL MIL SPEC USGI M80 bullets. They are copper jacketed, not steel! FMJ boat tail with cut cannelure. Extremely well made, first quality bullets. NEVER loaded so they are NOT pulled bullets. They are brand new 2007 manufacture and have a bright, shiny finish. Extremely good bullets. If you want less than 2000, please see part # MBM80 for 500 round quantities and you pay the freight.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 7:58:36 PM EDT
They are good to go.

They are made by Privi Partizan.

I just fired off 70 of my M80 clones and they seem to find the steel plate @200m easy enough.
Link Posted: 7/19/2008 9:03:33 PM EDT
No, but I can tell you that the 168gr HPBT's are horribly incosistent. I bought 500 and the weight was all over the place.

The load that I use normally produces 1/3" groups at 100 with 168gr SMK's with the Weideners bullets I was gettin 1.5-2" groups.

At half the price they may be OK for a .308 blaster, but not good for a precision rifle. I separated them into groups by weight and loaded from the group, next range trip I will see if it tightends the groups up enough to be acceptable.

Not sure if the 168's and 145's are made by the same company or not.
Link Posted: 7/20/2008 1:37:48 AM EDT
IMHO......you can buy the "bulk" no name stuff........but, you may not be as happy. Frankly, it may even be made in _______ (other than USA).

Buying the "named" brand stuff has the "theory" behind it, that it's first rate. Because, the mfn is willing to place his name on the box. Thus, saying something.

FWIW.......I once heard, that bulk bullets were from the beginning and ends of the production runs or when the machine was "adjusted." Or, from different machine production lines just thrown into a large hopper, to be counted out later.

The best, middle of the production run bullets, from a single machine were said to be used for the 100 bullet boxes.

Then again, there was a time when Match bulk bullets (from a certain mfn) were said to have come off the machine, one after another, only spitting into a larger 500 box package size.

How much of it or IF it's true at all........who knows?


Aloha, Mark
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