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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/22/2002 3:20:31 PM EST
Alright gents thinking of my next purchase. I have a PSS, M1A, SKS, AK and a couple of ARs. My questions are why should I do the FAL next? What can it do that the M1A can't?

Sell me on it or steer me away from it. I have had no experience with one other than fondeling them at gun stores and gun shows.

Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:35:28 PM EST
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Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:44:09 PM EST

Thanks for the input. I am not a collector, I am more of a shooter. I have the M1A Tigerstriped synthetic stock and a bunch of mags. You do got me thinking.

I agree with your statement about being mediocre with the FAL or a expert with the M1A

Have you done anything to your M1A?

Thanks again

Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:49:12 PM EST

I own several FAL's and love them! You are obviously a man who enjoys collecting firearms. The FAL would be a unique piece as your collections seems to be absent a classic Wurpean black battle rifle. If I may offere a suggestion, why not have a post-ban Para-Stocked FAL built by a quality gunsmith such as Mark Graham of ARS or Derek Huffman of AZEX. Both of these guys are top notch. In case you are wondering what one might look like...check this pic out:

Pretty cool huh? How about this one:

So have I convinced you yet? I hope so. It's a fun rifle and well worth aquiring one while you still can. You may also wish to visit here for more info: http://www.falfiles.com/cgi-bin/forums/ultimatebb.cgi

Good luck...
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:52:03 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/22/2002 3:54:11 PM EST
Damn Lastdefender now you got me thinking again.
Gosh decisions, decisions....

Link Posted: 1/22/2002 5:41:19 PM EST
I've been interested in firearms for years, but it was an FNFAL that got me truely hooked! I'll admit that an M1A is a more accurate firearm, but nothing shoots or feels like an FN. Once you shoot one, you'll always want one! It took me 8 years to find an original. I must also endorse Mark Powell of Arizona Response Systems, as he is a great gunsmith and a stand-up guy. If I were going to build one today, Mark would get my business. If you need to do research or get technical info on these rifles, try www.FNFAL.com for more information.
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 2:57:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/23/2002 2:59:23 AM EST by LastDefender]

I wish you good luck on your decision. My only suggestion is please do not wait too long on this rifle. Right now parts are relatively easy to get. This may all change over night as we all know. Magazines are also pletiful and cheap. $10.00 a piece for new in wrap.

If you have the money available to spend, I'd suggest buying one. The true pre-ban para-FAL's are very very expensive. For less that half the price you can get a newly constructed non-folding para shooter that only the best FAL affectionatos could tell was a post ban rifle. Who really wants to shoot a .308 with out a stock anyway?

Link Posted: 1/23/2002 4:54:38 AM EST

Alls I can tell you is I bought my DSA WANTING to hate it. I mean, I'm a Garand kind of guy.

But after shooting my FAL and getting 3-4" groups at 200 yards with ball ammo and NON match sights, it has become one of my favorite rifles.

The M1A is a great competition rifle. The FAL is a true battle rifle.

My $0.02

Link Posted: 1/23/2002 6:18:22 AM EST
I heartily ditto what garandman and most of the others say. In short, I say get one.

My .02 is that they are totally different weapons. If you like the M1A for long range targets or sniping etc., that's great. Pick up a DSA Carbine, either the STG58 or SA58. They are full bore combat weapons with a long pedigree of battle field success. Put the DSA hodded peep sight on one and it will be more accurate than it has a right to be. You won't be dissapointed.
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 6:43:50 AM EST
I don't see a M1 Rifle in your rack. Recommend one of these before another "ferrin" weapon like the the FAL.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 8:41:42 AM EST
I totally feel your pain in not knowing where to spend the $$$

I'm looking at having $1200 to spend on a new firearm purchase soon and can't decide either.

I want either a DSA/FAL, a Springfield Armory M1A Scout rifle or a Benelli M1 Shotgun.
Just can't decide!
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 11:55:37 AM EST
Well if you can afford one you bet. They are one of if not the best FNFAL there is. DSA is a very durable and dependable rifle. I know I would love to have one. I bought one with a Hesse lower and I had nothing but bad luck with it. But DSA is the real deal.
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 12:05:09 PM EST
Note: When you call DSA, or visit their website, you want to ask about the Stg58A, NOT the SA58.

The additional $$$$ for the SA58 is NOT justifiable over what the Stg58A gives you.

Link Posted: 1/23/2002 12:41:29 PM EST
Seventy countries can't be wrong! Yuo won't be disappointed with the DS Arms FAL. I've built seven so far with the DSA receiver with nary a bad one in the bunch. Pick up the DSA and keep the M1A. You can NEVER have to much hardware!
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 12:42:41 PM EST
Seventy countries can't be wrong! You won't be disappointed with the DS Arms FAL. I've built seven so far with the DSA receiver with nary a bad one in the bunch. Pick up the DSA and keep the M1A. You can NEVER have to much hardware!
Link Posted: 1/23/2002 2:42:27 PM EST
The FAL is a great rifle and has a couple of advantages, but if you already have a rifle that is superior overall I don't really see the point in shelling out the bucks to buy an FAL. The M1A is more accurate and just as reliable. It is a very robust and shootable rifle with much better iron sights than the FAL. In "rack grade" form it is extremely reliable and not at all finicky or maintenance prone.
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