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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/31/2003 7:33:09 PM EST
Ok my first post of this got screwed up by the plastic devil known as computer technology. Here is what I asked:
It seems like there isn't alot of interest in this rifle around here, and Im wondering why? I was thinking about getting one. They are inexpensive, shoot 308 and seem like they are battle proven...or are they? Why are FALs so much more popular, arent they quite similar? Can anyone shed some light on this rifle for me?

Aimless was kind enough to IM mail me a response:
Sam there was some kind of computer problem with your post, we can't respond to it (or at least I can't) You might want to repost it.

The problems with Cetmes is that they are assembled by Century International Arms, so their quality is hit or miss; nothing really wrong with the design of the rifle. A Cetme is the earlier design of the German g3/HK 91, the FAL is a completely different design, but still a 308 battle rifle (as is the m14)

I would look into either a G3 or FAL from Ohio Rapid Fire before buying a Cetme, unless you are on a tight budget or are able to work on the Cetme and fix it yourself if there are problems.

Anything you want to add...
Link Posted: 8/1/2003 7:54:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/1/2003 11:18:19 AM EST
Biggest problem with the Century-built CETME is that the sights are not very adjustable. The front sight adjusts windage and elevation, but elevation can only be adjusted about 6 MOA. The rear sight is welded on and is not adjustable at all. This means if your rifle has incorrect barrel-to-receiver alignment (as my Century G3 did before it spent 3 months at Century being totally rebuilt under warranty) and is more than 6 MOA off, it will never be sighted in with iron sights. You will have to "hold over and hope" to hit the target. I much prefer the adjustable sights of the G3 for this reason.

Other than that they are OK guns. Very rough, the finish is painted on with flat black paint which will burn off quickly if you get excited and cook the barrel. A friend of mine is getting one of his refinished for this reason. They are reasonably reliable, mags are cheap, and they DO shoot accurately, they will turn in a tight group. This plus the iron sight problem is why you'll see alot of CETME owners scoping their rifles. One of my friend's CETME's broke a keeper pin in the recoil spring which jammed the rifle with the bolt in the open position. We had to rig a hardware-store roll pin to replace it, but that wasn't too hard. Other than that they run fine. You can refinish the wood and make it look decent on some of the guns, on others the wood is horrible and is beyond repair.

Oh yeah, last thing: on my G3 clone I can push out the two pins that hold the buttstock on (and the recevier/trigger group together) with my bare hands. This is how you field strip a G3 series rifle. I've never yet seen a Century-built CETME where you could do this: the tolerances are so poor that you have to push out the pins with a hammer and punch for disassembly, and bash them back into place with the hammer for reassembly. Not very confidence inspiring, but like I said for $300 these guns DO run.
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 3:56:49 AM EST
try www.cetmerifles.com for extensive information on cetme rifles. This site is a great starting place for the pros and cons of cetmes
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 7:48:41 PM EST
I have to give a big "Thumbs Up" for my CETME. I know that a lot of folks had problems with Century Arms and their assembly of their CETME's, but I have to tell you - mine is a jewel.

Yes, the finish sucks - eventually, I'll strip it down, blast it, and give it a Gun-Kote finish.

Yes, the sights suck - I have a G3 rear sight assembly, but can't bring myself to milling off the rear sight in order to mount it. Might do it someday.

HOWEVER, this bitch will shoot! Nice tight groups at 100yds, even with the standard sights. Big BANG, not so bad recoil. A little heavy by some folks standards, but I like it fine.

My wood furniture was very nice with plenty of grain, no dings. I do have some heat "Bubbles" in the goofy painted-on finish near the muzzle brake (eventually will refinish).

Check this out - A friend and I got our CETMEs from Century right after they were first offered. My receiver's serial number is a single digit number: 000000X - how's that for a low number!

Maybe I got lucky, if so it's probably the first time in my life that I did! I like mine and would not part with it.

Just my 2cents worth. Stay safe and shoot straight!

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