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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
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Posted: 8/6/2002 9:45:39 AM EST
What do you guys consider the best truck rifle. By truck rifle I mean a gun that I can just throw in the lock back section of my truck and forget about it till I need it!

Or when I go the range on a spur of the moment thing, I'd like to have a rifle handy.

I usually EDC my Walther P99 in .40 cal. But what about a decent truck gun?

I can't see leaving my Colt in the truck ever!!!!!

I was think a SAR-1 Romanian AK I can get on for $289 plus mags, Or I was thinking of building up an AR, around the 500.00 dollar area.

What do you guys think? Do any of you carry "truck rifles"???

Link Posted: 8/6/2002 9:48:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 9:55:04 AM EST
I carry a spanish FR-8 mauser in .308 in my work van.

It's legal in every state I travel in, .308, has a flash hider, and if someone steals it out of teh truck im out only $110.

It stays in, the AR's and M1A go in and out.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 9:55:55 AM EST
My truck gun is a Marlin .444 lever.. holds 5. Which I think is plenty.. sumbitch is loud though.. especially with 20" ported barrel.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 9:58:26 AM EST
Since a 'truck' rifle will get banged around & is more exposed to theft I suggest something along the lines of a M44 Mosin Nagant or SKS. Not exactly the most 'sexy' or 'cool' but they are availiable for little $$$, work well (the Mosin makes the AK look like a fragile range queen) & a few wood dings or rust just adds character.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 10:11:35 AM EST
I like the suggestions, I was thinking about .308 cal also. What about a cheapo CETME?

Cheaper is better in a truck gun!

I don't think I will be doing much long range traveling with it, just something to keep in the truck and occasionaly I might take it out to clean it but more than likely won't be.

I am very partial to the AR's of which I own three but I just love them to much. I would never stick my Colt, Bushy, or Armalite in the damn truck overnight!

Although my Bushmaster does go the range with me 2 or 3 times a week, it gets banged around but not bad. A constant truck gun would be subject to wear just from bumping around all day and not getting used that much
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 10:34:17 AM EST
How about a NEF survivor 308 bull barrel, its a single shot, but nice firepower for a truck gun. I have weaver grand slam mounts and tasco 2.5-10x42 target mil-dot scope. It proven to be a accurate performer thus far.

PS it does not like British ammo, I have a case of Portuguese ammo on the way, I hope it likes that, if not Im selling 200 round packs for 30.00 each, and will be force to run match ammo.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 10:37:32 AM EST
I used to use a stainless mini-14 as a truck gun, but if I were going to do it now, I'd probably use the cheapest AK I could find.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 10:43:01 AM EST
My personal truck gun is a Tukish Mauser that I have turned into a scout rifle, it's cheap relativly accurate and very reliable.

Turkish Mauser $40
Ashley scout scope mount $60
BSA 2X pistol scope $40

Cut and crown the barrel (hacksaw and a file) $0
Cut down and refinish stock $0

It's not pretty but it's rugged, it shoots good and most importantly its CHEAP.

Link Posted: 8/6/2002 10:48:12 AM EST
Mini 14 or a reliable SKS should work wonders. SS Mini 14 is good too, less rust.... Have you thought about getting an older M1 carbine?

Link Posted: 8/6/2002 11:04:59 AM EST
if I still had a truck, and needed to keep one of my guns in it, it would probably be my M1 Carbine with the folding stock. Light, short, quick handling, not bad on accuracy, and good for close up work. Put a couple loaded 15 round mags in the glovebox and I'm set!

Link Posted: 8/6/2002 11:06:23 AM EST
I think this is what the SKS was originally designed for. I have one that sits in my trunk- along with a 100rnds of ammo. If somebody stole it, I wouldn't lose any sleep.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 11:18:57 AM EST

Since a 'truck' rifle will get banged around & is more exposed to theft...

Hear this man.

My M-14 was in my car when it was stolen (a couple of days after hunting season closed - normally it's an SKS). Thieves took a speaker for a bass amp I was building, left a $50 Silva compass on the floor, and gave up before they got into the trunk. Ditched my car and stole a 4wd, cause it was snowing. Got the important stuff back.

I'm not an actuary, but items in your car ar at a greatly elevated risk for theft. I wouldn't leave any gun worth more than your deductible in a vehicle now.

Mausers and Mosins rule the trunk, too bad they have open sights. I only WISH I could get an FR-8 for $110. They looked like they were headed over $250 when I gave up searching.

NEF in 243 would do just fine. It's no slower than a bolt gun, more suitable to vermin, still adequate to dispatch anything you might run into. (Assuming you don't stop and shoot at grizzly bears from the road unless they've been hit by vehicles.)
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 11:41:05 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/6/2002 11:43:12 AM EST by Doggonit]
I have an ole SIG AMT in .308 I like to keep in the Miata. Takes a beating and keeps on workin'

Check out this link for a really good price on this old POS.


NOTE: This gun is so bad it needs to be soaked in gasoline for 2 days and then scrubed down before tyou can use it. At least it is very cheap and it will do the job. It also weighs 12.8 lb. the last time I weighed it.

Link Posted: 8/6/2002 12:05:54 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/6/2002 12:08:16 PM EST by Sukebe]
870 with a 20 inch barrel and rifle sights. Ishapore No. 2A "Tanker" in 7.62 NATO. Mosin-Nagant M44. Winchester M94 .30/30. These would be my choices for a truck/trunk gun.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 12:38:17 PM EST
I've got too ARs. One is pimped out with an Eotech, Giles, pre-ban 16" upper, collapsible stock, and surefire 660T. All in it's about $2,000 and a bit too price to risk getting stolen.

In my SUV, I keep a COLT 20" HBAR, with 2 mags clamped together. I figure that should be enough to take care of most shooting spree type problems--i.e., you stumble upon the North Hollywood Shootout--but is less pricey if it gets stolen, banged around, etc. The HBAR is a post-ban, but very servicable.

The truck gun option is one great reason to own 2 ARs. If price were a big issue, I'd go with a .223 AK.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 12:41:20 PM EST
I use an SKS for it, but if I lived out west where distances are longer and/or if I lived somewhere that I might need to use it when defending against larger wild animals then I'd go with surplus bolt action. Probably an Enfield but Mausers and other military rifles are fine as well.

One of the main reasons I go for these, besides being cheap, is that I like being able to leave a all the ammo on stripper clips and load the weapon directly from those. No springs getting weekened.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 1:07:21 PM EST

Originally Posted By Sukebe:
870 with a 20 inch barrel and rifle sights. Ishapore No. 2A "Tanker" in 7.62 NATO. Mosin-Nagant M44. Winchester M94 .30/30. These would be my choices for a truck/trunk gun.

I`d go with this line of thinking......
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 1:09:47 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 4:18:44 PM EST
SKS, M1 Carbine... or Winchester 94 in .30-30.

I like the latter for sentimental reasons. (Grandpa always had a .30-30 in the truck)
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 4:36:12 PM EST
This is whats going in the jeep with an AR
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 4:36:22 PM EST
Damn a lot of us think the same! Old Winchester .30-.30...I clean it about once a year but despite all the beatings and bangings it is still accurate...for larger targets anyway...
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 8:12:21 PM EST

Originally Posted By thumbtrap:

I'm not an actuary, but items in your car ar at a greatly elevated risk for theft. I wouldn't leave any gun worth more than your deductible in a vehicle now.

Excellent point. In my case, my truck was rarely if ever driven far from home, and where I live, thievery isn't a huge problem. Also, my truck wasn't exactly a likely target since it was an ugly POS. The more I think about it, the more I tend to think a cheapo SKS might be perfect. I don't currently have a truck on the road though, so right now I have NO truck gun..... Gotta do sometihng about that.
Link Posted: 8/6/2002 8:31:55 PM EST
Marlin .30-30

or maybe a 30-30 chopped stock with pistol grip and sawn off barrel less than 16"
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 3:39:11 AM EST
For a vehicle gun, you want something that is durable, reliable and yet still doesn't break the bank. My preference would be something with a stainless finish and if at all possible, a synthetic stock. The Marlin Model 336 Stainless seems about perfect in this role. You can find synthetic aftermarket stocks for these as well if that's what you want. And the 30-30 cartridge with SP loads should be capable of taking care of about anything you could need a gun for. They aren't a really long range gun, but anything within 150-200 yds would be within it's effective range.

My next choice would be any one of the various stainless/synthetic bolt action rifles out there such as the Ruger M77 All Weather stainless or Remington 700 stainless synthetic. The 30-06 should be a fine caliber for these. The cartridge is well proven and capable of dealing with any game in North America. It doesn't hurt any that it's so available either.

After that, The stainless Mini-14 or Mini-30 Ranch rifles, SKS carbines and M-44 Mosin carbines come to mind. If you choose the Mini-14, be sure to either use PMI or Ruger factory hi-cap mags. Otherwise just use the factory 5 rounders. Stay with factory mags for the Mini-30 also.

And just because this is to be a gun for the vehicle, don't go out and buy the cheapest thing you can find. This gun could be needed to save your life just the same as the fancy, expensive guns sitting at home in your safe. Choose something that will get the job done if needed. Just buy some type of carrying case to put it in so it doesn't get beat up when on the road. Changing out your ammo after a long, hot Summer wouldn't be a bad idea either, as heat is bad for ammo.
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 3:43:35 AM EST
Oh, and BTW, I would avoid the Romanian AK's for a truck gun. While they are reliable and cheap, with cheap mags and ammo, these guns are probably the most rust prone I have ever seen. Seems that if you leave them unattended for 3 days and go back, they will be covered in rust.
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 4:02:27 AM EST
Another handy one.......marlin carbine in 38/357.............
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 4:17:30 AM EST
Seems to be a acute lack of shotguns in this thread.
Is a 85 VW camper van a truck ? NO, its not a hippie wagon.
Winchester 1300 defender 12gauge 8 rounds in the gun and 4 riding side saddle on the stock.
Spray it down with break free and change the ammo every so often and it always works

$165.00 used pawnshop deal
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 4:34:06 AM EST
These are all great suggestions. I myself am ruling out the Romanina AK, charging_handle post was interesting.

I like the Jeep pic of the AR holder I wonder if that would work behind my seat???

I am leaning towards getting another AR, but going with a chrome lined barrel in 5.56 chamber
Link Posted: 8/7/2002 5:02:35 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/7/2002 5:06:35 AM EST by thumbtrap]

In my case, my truck was rarely if ever driven far from home, and where I live, thievery isn't a huge problem. Also, my truck wasn't exactly a likely target since it was an ugly POS

Where I live is about as close to being Mayberry, NC as you could possibly get in this day and age (they never showed the trailer parks outside of mayberry)

My car was stolen in broad daylight, about 8-9AM, while I was in the shower. We had about 10" of snow that day (veritable Blizzard here) so everyone in the neighborhood was home. As for the POS defense - you should've seen the (stolen) minivan they left on the road in front of my house.

Someone brings up a good point about shotguns. Right now my trunk gun is a NEF 20ga youth shotgun. Yeah, the single shot break action $84 walmart special. But the main reason it rides around in my trunk is that any time I go to mom's and my nephew is there, he's gonna want to shoot clays.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 8:09:47 PM EST
Right now its an SKS but I'm hoping to stumble across an old .223/12 gauge combo rifle w/ iron sights at a show sometime. Savage makes one now but jeez, $500! come on folks, its two single shots stuck together.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 4:10:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/15/2002 4:11:54 AM EST by punkatomic]
This is one of my favorite topics here.

I like the SKS as a truck rifle. Mine goes in a cardboard box that I made to fit and the rifle is wrapped in a towel with a packet of silica gel placed inside the box. I've got a rubber coated padlock that locks around the trigger guard preventing trigger movement.

I keep ammo on stripper clips in a separate hidden but accessible location along with the key to the padlock.

From the drivers seat to outside the vehicle, grabbing ammo and key, unlocking and loading rifle takes about 30 seconds.

The cardboard box has a real innocent look and people who have noticed the box have never asked what's in it.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 4:54:42 AM EST
Enfield Jungle Carbine in original .303 British caliber. Fastest bolt gun ever built, ghost ring battle sight, 10 shots of .30-06 / .308 power quick and reliable, loads fast with strippers, short, light, handy and tough as nails. Spray on another coat of flat black enamel if it begins to rust.

Ammo is available in both commercial or surplus and strippers are easy to find. The .303's are much faster to operate and much more reliable than any of the .308 versions I have seen. Easily found for under $200, and you don't look like a "nut case with an assault rifle" when you pull it out.

The distinctive silhouette of the AK could easily get you shot by any responding officers since...like it or not...cops don't use them and they do not look like someone's hunting rifle. In a situation that is the least bit questionable, that AK is NOT going to win you any friends.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 5:13:18 AM EST
I'll second the Turkish Mauser or Mosin-Nagant. For $60, you get a rifle and a few boxes of ammo. Personally, I got a Mosin-Nagant M44 for this purpose. I wanted the integral bayonet since I had a previous occaision to need a fire poker for a decent sized camp fire.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 6:33:24 AM EST

Originally Posted By Matthew_Q:
if I still had a truck, and needed to keep one of my guns in it, it would probably be my M1 Carbine with the folding stock.

I'm getting a severe case of carbine envy! I made an offer on one, but nothing yet...

Link Posted: 8/18/2002 9:51:37 PM EST

Originally Posted By BlackandGreen:
Another handy one.......marlin carbine in 38/357.............

I had a Rossi Stainless lever gun in 38/357----Looked nice, shot good, and was cheap.
Link Posted: 8/18/2002 10:29:19 PM EST
Several of you guys have said that if your cheap rifle got stolen you wouldn't miss it. I would worry about legal repercussions of having some skumbag use the rifle he stole from me. I'm sure it varies from state to state, but does anyone know what the law is about this?

i guess what i want to know is, could someone get in trouble for leaving a gun where it is "easy" to steal?

Ben, The Emu
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 2:08:25 AM EST
When it gets stolen, report it, right away. Makes it a whole lot easier later when you are saying "It wasn't me!"

As for suggestions, Winchester, model 94 (30-30); or Marlin 336, (also 30-30). I grew up bouncing around the pasture with these guns, and have yet to be disappointed.
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 3:14:42 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/19/2002 3:15:59 AM EST by ORM-D]

Several of you guys have said that if your cheap rifle got stolen you wouldn't miss it. I would worry about legal repercussions...

I don't recall saying it, but it may have been implied in the "less than your deductible" comment. I did report them stolen, but I was extremely lucky in getting mine back. The fact is - that most stolen guns are gone gone gone.

A regular on an IRC channel I once frequented had a gun returned to him by the cops about 15 years after it was stolen. It was recovered at a murder crime scene. They asked him if he wanted it back - many people don't. Kinda like buying a suicide house I guess.
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 8:05:54 AM EST
I have a Marlin 336 in .30-30 for this. It was cheap enough. It stays loaded with 6 in the tube and 10 on the butt. More than enough for any situation I'm likely to encounter. A Weaver K4, one of the steel-tubed ones, rides on top.

The metal has a matte black Teflon finish applied, and the wood has been refinished and given a matte treatment.

The Original Urban Assault Carbine:

Link Posted: 8/19/2002 10:34:13 AM EST
How about a Saiga 7.62x39 (16"or 20") for $160. I picked one up rather than a SKS surplus. Extra mag,FFL and UPS for about $200. In .410 configuration for the same price.

I'm not too fast with my follow up shots when working the M44 bolt. The muzzle flash and noise could scare em to death though.
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 10:44:57 AM EST
A Remington model 10-R shotgun.

Comes apart for easy storage, goes together in seconds.

Theres nothing like the sound of a pump 12 gauge to get ones attention!
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 10:57:37 AM EST

Originally Posted By Brooks:

I'm not too fast with my follow up shots when working the M44 bolt. The muzzle flash and noise could scare em to death though.

At least your assailants would be temporarily blinded and deafened, allowing you to squeeze off a second, aimed shot. The trick is, close your own eyes for the first shot.
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 4:20:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/19/2002 4:48:34 PM EST by kkyle]
Winchester 94 Trapper 45 LC. Short, holds nine, 45 cal.
I read In The Gravest Extreme and came away with the image of some chicken s___ lawyer waving my John Wayne rifle in front of a jury. It almost looks like a Red Rider BB gun.
Link Posted: 8/19/2002 11:22:48 PM EST
I have to concur with the seven other gentlemen who voted for the SKS. When God was thinking of the perfect truck gun, he IM the idea to Simonov. The thing is ugly, but its the toughest gun in town and cheap. Don't mess with the hi-cap mags--just keep ten or so stripper clips in a pouch nearby. And, of course, go Russian if you can.
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 7:07:34 AM EST
Stainless Mini-14 seems to be working well for me
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 9:03:32 AM EST
I'd go with either an M1 Carbine, or an SKS Carbine..I ordered a folding stock from Navy Arms for my M1, and other than the wood needing some fitting (expected), it's great. Short, light, plenty accurate (hitting plate-sized targets at 100 yards is easy...Minute Of Man/Animal is all you really need with one of those ), and it works. That was proven on many a battlefield. It's downside is it has a bunch of parts that need to be taken down in order to properly clean the thing, and of course, the pins are concrete-soluable, so...somewhat of a pain in the butt to really clean properly if you're on the go.

The SKS seems almost perfect, too...light, handy, plenty of power in that cartridge. I'm more experienced with the M1 Carbine though, so...I cast my vote for that. Get say 4 15-round mags for it with two dual-mag pouches for it, and you're styling.

Once I figure out a way to secure the stupid thing inside my Jeep in such a manner where the random passerby can't see it and where even if they did see it, they couldn't get it...it'll be my trunk gun. Yah, every couple of months or so you'll need to take it out and wipe/oil it down, but it'll never fail you when you need it.
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 9:41:49 AM EST
M1 Carbine has better sights too - and if they were still $150 at Roses, I'd call it perfect. But they're getting too pricey to be considered a trunk gun.
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 10:38:44 AM EST
I used to carry an Enfield behind the seat.
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 12:53:05 PM EST
I'll break from the rest of you on this and go with a short barreled M-1 Garand. First of all. I think this rifle's great. Not too expensive. Not too heavy or long. Very familiar to work with. Parkerized finish, it was designed to take more abuse than I'll ever give it. The ammo is loaded in 8-rd clips stuck in an old surplus cartridge belt ready to go. Just pop it open, drop in 8 and your ready to go(watch the thumb, please). There's no springs to fatigue, and it's a hell of alot quicker to load than levers and some turn-bolts.Plus if you consider that you may be shooting from underneath your vehicle, you may not want a 30-rd. mag hanging down.If your shooting from your vehicle, are you shooting at something in or behind a vehicle?I think the .30 FMJ will get where it needs to go.Plus when I get to the range, it's fun to shoot, and people like to see "tankers"
Link Posted: 8/20/2002 12:55:23 PM EST

Originally Posted By ORM-D:
M1 Carbine has better sights too - and if they were still $150 at Roses, I'd call it perfect. But they're getting too pricey to be considered a trunk gun.

True that. Mine was an old Blue Sky re-import; the finish is "eh" at best. I got it from my dad, who got it in a trade for a couple other things...it was thrown in as a freebie. The guy who had it couldn't get rid of it any other way, so

If I could find another Blue Sky or two for cheap, I'd pick them up; they make damn good shooters, even if they are a little worse for wear.
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