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Posted: 4/30/2002 4:36:16 PM EDT
Want some expert feedback on what others feel is the best "package" gun for CMP(DCM) competition. Bushmaster, Armalite, Rock River Arms, etc??? Any Mfg. that offers a CMP/DCM legal "full rifle" - want personal feedback, preferences, etc. Thanks a million!



I'm new to this forum - I posted this question to the general discussion (Non-Firearms) - Sorry. Thanks.
Link Posted: 4/30/2002 11:00:37 PM EDT
I have a nice Armalite for sale. It is an awesome shooter with only 400 rounds threw it.

Actually, I have and have shot Armalite, Rock River and Bushmaster CMP/DCM rifles and own a couple. I think the Rock River is just a very tiny bit better than the Armalite. It has a nicer trigger and nicer fit. The Bushmaster is third. All three shoot sub-MOA and have similar sights.

I shoot in the NRA Expert class with a High-power rifle.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 1:24:38 AM EDT
depends on how much you have to spend.

alot of folks get the bushmaster threw the cmp as they are right at $865 and are a pretty nice gun for a beginner and you can usually shoot one for a couple of years before you get tired of the bad triggers and want to upgrade a few things.

more and more shooters are going to the rock river models as they have one of the best rifles out there that come from a factory and they have great triggers for right at the same money.

then there are the one's built by the service rifle gun smiths that you will get everything you will ever want and they will never have to be upgraded except when you shoot out a barrel and ned to get another one put on.

what ever you do DO NOT go buy one from a dealer thats charges you that $1,100 or $1,200 retail for that bushmaster because you can get a gun thats second to none from a smith for right close to the same money.

go to the comp. section and seek your info as they will not steer you wrong. why buy something you do not need or wish you had not bought so go ask the experts over there.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 4:39:01 AM EDT
I shoot and Armalite. The Armalite is the one that's being copied the most. It shoots far better than I can. I see a lot of the military shooters using them so they have to be doing something right.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 5:29:55 AM EDT
When I went through this a couple of years ago, I chose the DPMS because the factory single stage trigger was fantastic. If I was looking again today, it would be real hard to find a better deal on a better rifle than Rock River. I've got one of their A2 Standard rifles on a national match lower and it is sweet.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 2:17:14 PM EDT

Originally Posted By RC51_Texas:
Want some expert feedback on what others feel is the best "package" gun for CMP(DCM) competition. Bushmaster, Armalite, Rock River Arms, etc??? Any Mfg. that offers a CMP/DCM legal "full rifle" - want personal feedback, preferences, etc. Thanks a million!

I went through the same questions as you until last Sunday when I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and purchased a Bushmaster DCM at a gun show in Tampa, FL. The price was good and it was there and the will power was week.

I had originally wanted to get a Bushmaster DCM lower and a Compass Lake upper but the price was too much at the moment. What I plan to do in the future is to send the upper to Frank White at Compass Lake and have him put a Kreiger barrel on it. Right now the stock Bushmaster shoots better than I do.

I took the DCM to the range this afternoon (a bad day at the range is better than a good day at the office anytime) and it shot without any trouble whatsoever.

Link Posted: 5/1/2002 3:20:45 PM EDT
I was going to buy a Rock River or an Armilite.....untill the dealer at the gun show wanted $1350 for the Armilite and the other dealer wanted $1200 for the Rock River. I bought a Bushy lower for $300 at the same gun show, (different dealer) and ordered a Compass Lake Upper with the Krieger barrel for $1050, that's the same as the Armilite with the Wilson barrel. I did drop in a Jewell triger for $176. So I spent $176 more than the Armilite, but got a much better barrel and trigger.
You can buy the Rock River upper from thier web site for only $600, I don't understand why then does their NM lower costs another $600.

Link Posted: 5/2/2002 9:00:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/2/2002 9:01:43 PM EDT by LARRYG]
Go to www.armalite.com, click on 'Hall of Champions' and look at the competition champions using out of the box ArmaLite NM rifles, which cost $176 less than someones setup who has never won a National Match.
Link Posted: 5/3/2002 1:15:22 AM EDT
I own an Armalite DCM gun. Shoots sub MOA consistantly at 200 yards. From what I hear, the Armalites use Douglas bbls wich are just fine. The two stage trigger is superb. The only thing that I have done to my gun is to add the stock weight, and exchange the front sight post for one with a consistant 50 thousandths width.

Douglas bbls are excellent bbl's. They will not last as long as a Krieger, but are much less expensive. When you shoot the bbl out, rebarrel it with a Krieger if you so desire. I have been told that the Douglas bbl will last about 5,000 rounds before seeing a decrease in accuracy.

You wouldnt go wrong buying a Bushy or an RRA. From what I hear they are all just about the same when it comes to accuracy. I am kind of partial to Armalite, as I have had such a good experience with my rifle. The rifle has just functioned flawlessly. Besides "AR" stands for Armalite
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