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Posted: 5/5/2002 9:44:36 PM EDT
I was thinking of selling one of my AKs.
What would be a fair price?

Romanian SAR-1 w/Custom stocks from www.nouglyguns.com
Only 260 rounds fired. Includes:

Original wood stock set & plastic grip
2nd Receiver cover w/Integrated Weaver type mount rail
BSA 30mm Red Dot
2 buttstock cleaning kits (not pictured)

1 5 round
4 30 round
1 40 round

Link Posted: 5/5/2002 9:55:49 PM EDT
My opinion would be about $350. Prices vary from region to region, of course.

The extra stock adds nothing to the value of the gun nor do the cleaning kits & sling, in the retail world of firearms. The red dot may add $20, if that. As for # of rds fired, it also means nothing as a gun is either ANIB or used (fired). One rd or a thousand means the same thing to a dealer, same thing to a buyer.

Personally I would keep the mags & trade them at a gunshow for mags for a gun you're keeping.

My .o2
Link Posted: 5/5/2002 11:19:14 PM EDT
$350 sounds about right with your extra mags and accessories, SAR-1's are about the cheapest AK's you can buy, I paid $280 for mine new, dont get me wrong, I love mine, my advice is, thats not much money, just keep the damn thing. you cant have too many guns.
Link Posted: 5/6/2002 3:50:12 AM EDT
I'll give you $5 bucks for it.

Link Posted: 5/6/2002 9:20:13 AM EDT

I think it is less. I won't say what cuz it comes down to what an individual willing to pay for it.

Few things:

Is the trigger stock? If not, did you do the slap fix? Does it have slap - if so do the fix before you go to market.

The extra reciever with a dot - dot is little or no value. And the fact that the dot is mounted on something comes off the gun seems funky - ie - a cheap dot and a poor mount = no value. You may want to separate those. Gun show.

Extra stocks - no value. Gun show.

I would sell it with sling cleaning kit, 1 high cap mag, the short mag, and the custom stocks.

Take the remaining stuff to a gun show or Ebay.

You will probably do better in the end.

Unless you find someone.

Good luck.

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