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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/12/2002 12:24:53 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/12/2002 12:26:20 PM EST by JoeMike98]
I am looking to get a post-ban AR. I like the M4 style and am considering the New Colt 6400, or the Bushmaster, or a RRA with a Chrome lined barrel. In all cases I would remove the muzzle brake and have Kurt put a Faux flash hider on the end of the barrel. Please give me your view and WHY, so I can make the best decision possible on my next $1000.00 purchase.

Thanks in advance

Link Posted: 8/12/2002 1:08:54 PM EST
why not? if that's what YOU want, go for it.
Link Posted: 8/12/2002 1:30:19 PM EST
You have 3 good choices in your post. Take your pick.

The only thing I don't get is actually wanting a faux flash hider on the rifle. I personally wouldn't want a faux anything on a rifle.
Link Posted: 8/12/2002 2:24:20 PM EST
Get Colt off the list and it won't be a $1,000 purchase.

Link Posted: 8/12/2002 2:43:00 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/13/2002 4:38:46 AM EST by JoeMike98]
Thanks folks. In response to the faux flash hider, lets face it, all civilian M4's are clones...or look alikes. I personally think the Faux flash hider looks much better than anything else on the market for a post-ban, and it sure beats the HELL OUT OF ANY MUZZLE BREAK OUT THERE!(Unless of course you need a shot with little muzzle rise, then a muzzle break is a genuine option) However, I have seen the work Kurt does on a 16" M4 barrel. The finished product with a Faux flash Hider looks like a legal 14" Military version...its Outstanding, with no loud noise associated with every muzzle break I have used. As far as getting Colt, I agree with you Tate, NO COLT SAVES $$$. However, I have seen the new 6400 lowers and they actually say M4 on the lowers. They are also all small hole take down pins(except for trigger group). So that makes me want the colt for its "close to Military specs". All other colt AR Models have large holes as there take down pins, so this is a rarity Im not sure colt will continue.

Does RRA make a better product than either bushmaster or Colt?
Link Posted: 8/12/2002 4:17:48 PM EST
RRA receivers are **beautiful**.

Are you sure the late model colts have large pivot pins? I didn't think this was the case.
Link Posted: 8/12/2002 4:29:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/12/2002 4:47:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/12/2002 4:51:08 PM EST by QCMGR]
I bought a 6400C. It is worth every penny. It have a true M-4 upper and the fit (between the upper and lower)is so tight it feels like it is one solid piece.
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 3:50:07 PM EST
I have the Fakey Hider on my Bushmaster from Kurt. He did a GREAT job, and it looks great. Get the Bushy, then take it to Kurt!
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 5:49:16 PM EST
You want a good shooter that looks cool ? Get a Bushmaster 16" fluted with out anything on the end .
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 6:24:42 PM EST
I was looking for the same thing that you are looking for. Wife bought Bushy for me. Love Bushy except for punishing Mini-Y Comp. Is currently being neutered by Kurt's Kustom. Bushy good. Mini-Y Comp bad. (That's what Tarzan would say, anyhow). Have fun, no matter which one you choose they are lots-o-fun to shoot!
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 6:33:10 PM EST
Does the current Colt M4 postban have a chrome lined barrel? I know they were moving away from all barrels being chrome lined for civvy models.
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 6:33:51 PM EST
The Armalite weapons are a nice option.

Post-Ban M4's look great, but if you have to deal with a "faux" collapsable stock I feel for ya.

The regular XM15-A2 Armalite can be a good base. With a little furniture alteration, you got a $800 rifle set up the way you want it.

Plus the Armalite muzzle break is nice.

Post a pic of your new toy.

Good luck!h.gif
Link Posted: 8/13/2002 7:05:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/13/2002 7:07:04 PM EST by Cincinnatus]
Don't do anything "faux", or fake.
It's too beautiful a weapon to put a "Toupee" on it.
Let it keep its integrity:

Muzzle brake (AK or Smith), NOT A FAKE A2!

Keep things honest.
Form follows function; if you're putting ANYTHING on your rifle, make sure it improves its capabilities. Otherwise, don't do it.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 12:23:13 PM EST
For $1,000, I'd get a preban at a gun show. Then you can have a REAL flash suppressor.

That's what I'd do and WHY.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 5:01:12 PM EST

Originally Posted By Tailgate:
For $1,000, I'd get a preban at a gun show. Then you can have a REAL flash suppressor.

That's what I'd do and WHY.

Where are all of these "$1,000" prebans.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 5:44:52 PM EST
decent shape SP1's sell for around 1-1.2k at least here they do
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 5:56:05 PM EST

Originally Posted By cyrax777:
decent shape SP1's sell for around 1-1.2k at least here they do

What is it going to cost to turn it into an M-4?
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 6:16:03 AM EST
If you don't mind used, one of the 2001 LEGP's seems to be up for sale. Take a look in the legp forum for info on it. Has everything you asked for already.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 6:22:54 AM EST
Does the 2001 LEGP have a Chrome lined barrel or a Moly?
Link Posted: 8/16/2002 9:26:59 AM EST
Neither. I guess that is the only part I missed and that the legp doesn't have.
I have one and do not see any problems without being chrome lined, but opinions differ.
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