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Posted: 5/15/2002 2:32:13 PM EDT
What would the rough price be on a newly assembled post-ban ar-15 pistol with a perminantly fixed 10 round magazine? Features are:

- Built on a HESSE aramid/kevlar pistol lower with bushmaster guts and 10 round post-ban "bullpup" magazine perminantly pinned and epoxyed in place.
- 7 1/2" heavy stainless steel pistol barrel with milled front sight and Mini-Y comp.
- full A3 upper with dust cover, forward assist and weaver rail.
- standard pistol buffer
- ATN Ultra Reflex sight
- Hogue grip
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 2:36:20 PM EDT
20 dollars, heese sucks
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 2:40:51 PM EDT
Hesse may make a crappy gun, but their lowers are quite nice to build off of. I have several HESSE lowers running bushy guts and barrels and they are just as accurate and reliable as my colt and bushy lowers.

BTW, no insult but aren't you the high-schooler who has trouble with his principal and his ID card? What do you know about building ARs or their function other than what you hear second hand on this board?
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 2:43:48 PM EDT

20 dollars, heese sucks


yeah, what HE said!!!!!
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 2:47:37 PM EDT
non-removable 10 rnd mag huh? Ill take 50.00 to get rid of it for you.
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 2:51:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/15/2002 3:13:13 PM EDT
This pistol I specially made for an out of state buyer who lives in a restricted cap mag state (that will not be named) and the options he requested on it made it waaaaay too heavy to meet the 50 oz. limit (like a heavy profile stainless steel barrel and the foreward assist, the upper alone on this pile weighs 50 oz.). He paid a deposit on it to begin the construction but then he evaporated when it came time to settle the balance. I'm looking for a reasonable market value on this piece to unload it. I am mainly going to target limited mag cap states like Jersey for it's sale. There has to be someone out there in a limited mag cap state where this thing is legal (not Cali) that wants an AR pistol.

Link Posted: 5/15/2002 5:26:24 PM EDT
Humm.... well, add up your parts prices. That would be a starting point....  what's your time worth?  That's what the starting price would be... your time and the parts/shipping.

Now, do you have a pic of this thing that you are willing to post?

Link Posted: 5/15/2002 5:36:00 PM EDT
Why did you put a Mini-Y comp on it? Could have had a threaded bbl/flash suppressor, since its not a SAW...

If I may ask, Can you load it from stripper clips?? If so, Did you omit the bolt catch? Or what?

Link Posted: 5/16/2002 5:40:56 AM EDT
To answer Kaliburz, no I have no pictures of the pistol as I have no digital camera (or for that matter a real camera and a scanner). I am planning on having the unit sold on consignment over the internet or shotgun news by a third party who requested a "starting price" or "what you want out of it".

To answer Grizzly, the Mini Y was requested by the original purchaser who bailed on the piece rather than buy it. He paid a $200 deposit on the gun for me to spec it out and build it with the intention of paying the cost of parts plus 10 percent. This agreement was obviously broken by him and I'm left holding the bag on this item that seems to attract more flames than interest.

The actual parts cost on this item is no real way to price a weapon as it was a custom job from the ground up and to charge someone the cost of parts and labor would put the price of this thing well above $1000 (which no human would pay). I was thinking of pricing it to compete with the pro ord pistol wholesale prices around $500 or $550. I already have $200 out of the parts and time and I'm really just looking to cut my losses and run.
Link Posted: 5/16/2002 8:52:07 AM EDT

Besides, .223 pistols are ballistically anemic; basically big, bulky, heavy, loud .22LRs.

Damn straight!
Link Posted: 5/16/2002 9:04:35 AM EDT
How do you load a fixed mag AR?
Link Posted: 5/16/2002 9:18:21 AM EDT
It's kind of a pain, you have to unscrew and remove the pistol buffer rod then open the upper (I'm going to most likely replace the pistol buffer with a CAR tube and buffer to make this easier). This one has a "pull pin" style rear takedown pin that looks like an old grenade pin. You pull the pin, swing open the upper and load the mag, then close the upper and push the pin back in. Other than that, the gun functions just like a normal AR, bolt catch works as does the forward assist and charging handle. I've built several post-ban detachable mag pistols before and this is my first (and last thank you) fixed mag one.

BTW: the AR-15 is a big, loud .22 lr just like the pistols, so why do you bag on them?
Link Posted: 5/16/2002 9:25:57 AM EDT
Like anything, thing are worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

I have heard of these for CA.

I could not imagine top loading an AR.

It would be a great relic to have from the "Clinton Era"

Is it in any pricing books???
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