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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/14/2002 11:49:22 AM EST
My grandpa recently brought over an old 8mm WWII Mauser that he wanted me to clean up. Well we have no idea what it is, it looks nothing like any of the 98Ks. It has a very long barrel that sticks out atleast a foot past the forearm. The barrel also tapers down, there are 3 stages of taper. On the receiver, barrel,and magazine assembly/trigger guard there are many small Nazi eagles with number underneath them. On the barrel there are 3 small eagles with 37 underneath them and one large eagle. On the bottom of the barrel there is S 57 40 DS, those are near where the receiver and the barrel meet. Also all of the different componets are marked with 4621, I think this is the serial number of the rifle, meaning that all of the componets are original, right? On the top/middle of the receiver there is a cursive C and a cursive L, or could be an R. Then on the bottom of the receiver there are many different engravings and markings, they are just stamped everywhere. There is an S a T an N. The rear sights have 21 different adjustments, and they can be flipped up to like 90 degrees, like for sigting for a grenade launcher or something. There are no bayonet lugs, and the barrel looks longer than any of the K98k I've seen on the internet, it is as long as any standard hunting rifle of today. The spring is fine in the sights, and yesterday we put around 70 rounds through it flawlessly. The gun is still VERY accurate, I'm just wondering if it is normal for the barrel to get REALLY hot. Like where you can't touch it, yes we did allow it to cool every 15 rounds or so. I was thinking that combat arm such as this should not get that hot so quickly. Is it maybe because the barrel wasn't clean? Well regardless after these 70 rounds through the magazine (it still works flawlessly) we decided we were goin to spend like a 2-3 good hours cleaning it and getting any old grease/dirt/rust off any of the small parts. So I start stripping it down (forgetting to place the safety in the middle position) well everything comes apart fine until I go to strip down the bolt and the "cocking piece" like falls out of the center of the bolt, I know nothing broke. Well I then try to turn the bolt sleeve where it will line up again with the firing pin so I can slip the cocking piece back down in there. Well it turns once, but then it is now like locked in place. Any ideas at all???? This is where I found out the names of the pieces so if somebody goes by different names. www.surplusrifle.com/yugo...index.asp. Thanks for any help you guys can provide, please don't tell me it is goin to require a gunsmith
Link Posted: 10/16/2002 2:50:26 AM EST
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