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Posted: 9/9/2013 3:21:06 PM EDT
Hello all! Wanted to post a review of my unit fusions mount I got in today and took shooting, mostly goods and mediums goods, no real "bads" although I found some specific (personally nitpicky) applications that this doesn't work well with.

First off, thanks to the TNVC team for answering my questions and setting me up with some good equipment. I ordered the unity fusion package with the dbal-i2 in FDE. It comes with a "wing" mount and a 1" ring for your tnvc torch (I already had one). I also ordered a spare "wing " mount so that I could mount a flashlight on the other side.

First Impressions were that the mount was very light and well made. Each component comes complete with Allen wrenches and a handful of screws. These screws are of various depths to mount different things to each piece.

There are spaces in the basic unity mount to lay a scout light at 11 or 1 o'clock, if you were using the iron sight option or just had the mount behind your irons.

When mounting a DBAL however you lose the use of those spaces. Fortunately, the "wing" pieces mount into those spaces and give drop rails at 10 and 3.

I followed TNVCs directions, using acetone to break the thread lock free and mounted it to the unity mount. At first I was dismayed to find that there was not enough room on the "wing" side rails to mount a QD flashlight, but then I realized that the rails themselves had slots in them to screw in a surefire scout light. Way friggen cool.

My original intent for this system was to be able to move it from my SBR to my 16in rifle, to maybe even my 308 carbine (obviously needing to adjust the lasers). The surefire scout and DBAL already have QD mounts, so this would save me the purchase of a larue QD flashlight mount for my torch (along with the wait of 3 QD systems on the end of my 10.5)

Issues discovered on rifle install. The way the "wing"  rails sit, you can't have rail covers (although ladder panels may fit, I will have to buy some if I keep this mounted.) this is a big issue for me, as I like rounded hand guards or rounded rail panels in railed forearms where I hold them.

Also, on both my SBR (short vfg close to to magwell) and carbines (mid length systems with rail cover hand guards around 8in long), the torch and flashlight are too far forward for me to activate while holding the rifle at high ready. This is less of an issue with the torch as it sits on the other side.

The remaining problem is that the Allen head that mounts the unity to the receiver is covered by the torch. So to remove the mount I eed two Allen screws, one to loosen the flashlight ring, then after removing the torch use another to remove the unity mount.

I thought about just mounting the torch on the left side so that I could take it down faster, but then I wouldn't have anywhere to place an actual flashlight.

Now those aren't real "issues" merely compatibility problems. I can see these things not being bothersome in plenty of settings, such as:

Foreends with remove able side rails or slicks sides.
Folks who do the vickers/costa (iirc) thing with the vfg way out at the end of the gun.
Folks who don't care about having a flashlight in addition to a illuminator.

I suppose I could just helmet mount a basic flashlight like a WML, but iirc they don't make a constant on version yet.

Anyway either way I mounted it all up and took it to a local indoor range and put sixty rounds through it. It was fun to shoot, didn't seem very front heavy still and the iron sits were well visable over the DBAL. Then I came home and cleared my basement like it was full of mujis. Awesome equipment and lots of fun.

I've taken it out and used it so I won't be returning it even though it didn't work for my application, but it was very nice - and there are tons of additional optional extensions and pieces In the unity family.

Considering all of the unity mount family options and they're quality construction I would recommend it as a good cost saving mounting option for your specific rifle needs. Just keep the above stuff in mind when figuring out if it will work for you or not.

Rifle used was a 10.5 LMT with a PWS piston, young nm chrome bcg, Sampson HK spring front, C4 dio rear, bcm CH, DD 9.5 fsp rail, Tango down front grip, magpul ACS.

Hope y'all like my review.
Link Posted: 9/12/2013 8:58:37 AM EDT
Awesome review brother! Thanks a bunch. I hope this setup continues to serve you well.
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