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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/30/2005 3:42:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/30/2005 3:43:42 AM EST by Different]
Some of you have seen this before. Here's a list of USGI M14 parts manufacturers I've put together.

USGI Contractor Identifying Marks or CAGE Code M14 Parts or Accessories Made

A-1 Sewing Contractors, Inc. 0NZ21 nylon dual magazine pouch
Advanced CNC Manufacturing, Inc. 1YDC9 gas piston
Aerial Cutlery M6 bayonet
Airtronic Services Inc. Medical/Aviation Division 1C5Q6 flash suppressor
Allied Precision Products, Inc. 24249 NM windage knob
American Pin, Inc. A magazine body (and possibly stripper clip)
Anco Machine Co. 3V055 ejector and ejector spring
Anniston Army Depot AAD walnut M14E2 stock
Apex APEX M14E2 stock fore grip mount
Argo Development Corporation ARGODEVCORP M14E2 stock rubber butt pad
Associated Spring AO stripper clip
BHM Corporation BHM CORP gas cylinder plug wrench
Borg-Warner BW, BRW S-1, BRW B-2, 7F259 magazine body, magazine follower
Brookfield Precision Tool BKFLD PREC TL operating rod spring guide, scope mount, gas piston, scope mount adapter for AN/PVS-4, Navy special flash suppressor, sound suppressor
Bruce Machine and Engineering BME windage knob, NM windage knob
Canadian Arsenals, Ltd. CA, C A L standard contour NM barrel, birch M14E2 stock
Cathey Enterprises, Inc. 8K916 M1907 leather sling
Chase Bag Co. bandoleer
Check-Mate Industries, Inc. C.M.I., 1M291 ten round and twenty round magazine body
Columbus Milpar and Manufacturing Co. MILPAR COL M6 bayonet
Cooper Precision Manufacturing 1JHX1 DMR barrel (see M14 DMR)
Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services, Inc. 40554 trigger housing
Delta-X Corporation 33950 NM/2A rear sight base
Dennison Machine Tool Co. DM hammer
Do Well M14E2 stock fore grip
Douglas Barrels, Inc. 0K789 NM barrel
Druge Brothers Manufacturing Co. DRC windage knob, elevation knob
East Moline Metal Products EMMPCO blank firing attachment
Eastern Canvas M14 magazine web pouch
Enrex Corporation ENREX, 0BTD4 NM windage knob
Farmer Supply & Tool M2 bipod marked 7790688
Frazier Manufacturing Co. FZR elevation knob, windage knob
G. G. Greene Metal GGG, GGG 7791154, 26194 stripper clip, magazine charger
General Dynamics Armament Systems, Inc. 26978 chromium plated barrel, medium weight NM barrel
Globe Union, Inc.
Ignition Division rear sight elevation knob and spindle
Hall Planetary Company 26878 medium weight NM barrel
Harrington & Richardson H, H R, H&R, HRA, H&R Arms Co. receiver, rear sight base, trigger housing, operating rod, chromium plated barrel, front band, safety, trigger and sear assembly, gas cylinder, gas cylinder plug, flash suppressor nut, hammer and wood stock
Hart Rifle Barrels, Inc. 0FMZ6 NM barrel
Harris Graphics Corp. Commercial Press Division 20084 NM barrel
Imperial Knife Company Imperial M6 bayonet
Killeen Machine & Tool KMT CO. trigger guard, ten round and twenty round magazine body, operating rod spring guide, standard M14 stock butt plate flapper
Krieger Barrels, Inc. 0DCS1 DMR and NM barrels
Lady Mac Corset Co., Inc. M14A1 cleaning kit pouch
Lufkin Lufkin stripper clip, elevation knob, windage knob
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc. 0LB99 DMR and NM stocks
Mechanical Component Corporation gas cylinder
Mercury Tool & Machine 24411 operating rod
MKS Industries scope mount
New Arc Welding and Steel 39361 NM barrel
Nomura Machine 0NWF5 NM heavyweight barrel
Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind PWH, TWB M8A1 scabbard
Reinhart Fajen, Inc. 77742, 3T616 NM stock
Rock Island Arsenal walnut M14E2 stock
Saco-Lowell SAK chromium plated barrel, standard contour NM barrel, operating rod, gas cylinder, gas piston
Sandco Mfg Co. canvas web small arms sling
Seymour Products Co. SEY, SEMCO, 78180 stripper clip, magazine charger, bandoleer
SGW SGW NM barrel (see USGI M14 National Match Barrels)
Smith Enterprise, Inc. 3A5E1 scope mount, flash hider, extended bolt stop, gas cylinder lock front sight, NM rear sight base, NM front sight, 30 mm scope rings
Springfield Armory S A, Springfield Armory, 19205 all rifle parts and all magazine parts
SPS Co. bolt lock pin
Stewart Iron Works SWK windage knob
Textile Machine Works HRT bolt
Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge TRW receiver, trigger housing, hammer, gas cylinder, gas piston, rear sight base, connector, operating rod, chromium plated barrel, standard contour NM barrel, bolt, flash suppressor, safety
Tong Industries T I safety, windage knob
Tri-Technologies Inc. Thermal and Moisture Protection Division 06MA8 front sight, operating rod, trigger and sear assembly
Union Hardware Company U H C (in a semi-circle) magazine body
Unknown # 1 COM magazine charger
Unknown # 2 - possibly County Machine & Tool COUNTY MACH M14E2 stock butt plate base
Unknown # 3 CPP NM windage knob
Unknown # 4 CTX magazine follower
Unknown # 5 HRL bolt
Unknown # 6 – possibly Nichols Machine HR-N, OM-N trigger housing
Unknown # 7 – possibly Risdon Manufacturing Co. (CAGE Code 98373) HR-R and R? magazine body
Unknown # 8 K8 safety
Unknown # 9 LPR NM windage knob
Unknown # 10 MXR safety
Unknown # 11 N. E. INC. M14E2 stock rubber butt pad and fore grip
Unknown # 12 NOV PROD CO bandoleer
Unknown # 13 RFM 7791154 magazine charger
Unknown # 14 TOMCO NM windage knob
Unknown # 15 VIZ/WD, WD M8A1 scabbard
Unknown # 16 – subcontractor for Springfield Armory upside down W with a line through it but also looks like an upside down AA magazine body
Victory Plastics Company V.P. CO. M8A1 scabbard
Viz Manufacturing VIZ M8A1 scabbard
Watervliet Arsenal bolt, stripper clip guide
Westinghouse Electric W magazine body
Wilco Electric Co. WCE elevation knob, windage knob
Winchester OM,W-W,Winchester, 66118 receiver, trigger housing, hammer, chromium plated barrel, bolt, operating rod, stock, flash suppressor, magazine body, magazine follower, safety, trigger and sear assembly, gas cylinder, rear sight base, rear sight aperture, ammunition
Worden Specialty & Machine Tool combination tool
Wright Manufacturing Co. HRA-W, WRIGHT windage knob
Wyandotte Tool Co. rear sight cover
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