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Posted: 10/8/2007 8:15:22 AM EST
I have several Poly's and the same for Norinco's. Each has an Oprod with a slant shape where the full auto "hook" is on a GI Oprod.

Recently I purchased a Norinco with an oprod with the hook like the GI parts. I thought it might have been refitted at first but there are no markings visible. It's the first I've seen so I was wondering what you all have on your Chinese M14's?

Here is a pic of the Chinese oprod, showing off my newly refinished stock:

Link Posted: 10/8/2007 8:27:07 AM EST
Nice stock!

Here are two different versions of Chinese op rods.
The top one has the "hook" and the bottom one is cut on a slant.
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 11:39:26 AM EST
I was suprised as I had only seen the slants on the first six Chicom M14's I bought. Why and when did they make one or the other. Did yours come on a Poly H20man?
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 4:41:23 PM EST
I believe on "Differents" site he shows (3) different chinese op rods in the pics section. It appeared like the hook, slanted and one that was almost straight vertical cut. I was just browsing the pics last night.

Pages #12 & #27 in the "Commercial M14" pic section:


If the info. is out there, Lee probably has it documented.
Link Posted: 10/8/2007 6:03:24 PM EST
Yes! It never ceases to amaze me how much info there is because of Lee.

Almost too much at times.

I have gone through that material so many times and still have my eyes closed (or I'm not ready to be receptive) to much of the material.

Thanks for looking it up, now I will have to do it as well.

Link Posted: 10/8/2007 6:57:09 PM EST
Top three operating rods in this photo are Chinese, the bottom three are USGI:

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