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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/16/2001 8:59:09 AM EST
Not sure if this has been posted of not. So here you go.

Anyone know who wrote it?

Twas the night before war and all through the land
Bin Laden's men hid with their heads in the sand
Their turbans were hung from cave walls in fear
For they knew in their hearts our bombers were near.
Huddling cold in corners like the cowards they be
No logs on their fire - no smoke could we see.
If they had dared let their position be known
From the face of this earth their butts would be blown.

From high over head came the unmistakable sound
of American planes dropping bombs on the ground.
While we gathered to cheer what America did
All through the night those damn cowards hid.

The moon could not shine through the dust and debris
Bin Laden, Bin Laden we're coming for thee.
Taliban man you better hide too
When we're done with Bin Laden we're coming for you.

Did you think we were weak - did you think we would run?
How do you feel now that you're under our gun?
Our eagles will soar for our soldiers are brave
Freedom shall ring and will always remain.

Now Lancer, Now Stealth, Now Tomahawk too
On Hornet, On Tomcat, and B-52
America needs you to answer the call
So bomb away, bomb away, bomb away all.

Protecting our freedom you'll take to the sky
Crossing oceans and mountains with American Pride
Putting your life on the line for what you believe
Time has run out on their chance for reprieve.

We knocked and we knocked with a thunderous roar
But Osama was too frightened to answer his door.
He has not a clue - what we're all about.
Thought he'd caused us to fear - and filled us with doubt.

Soon he will know what we've known all along
America is proud, united and strong.
We do not crumble when faced with war
We rise up together to settle the score.

He was dressed all in soot from his head to his foot
His eyes glazed over and held such a shocked look
Amid the tattered remains of his unruly pack
He had nothing at all - except the shirt on his back.

No army, no rebels, no weapons to hurl
All by himself - he must take on the world.
No pity should fall for his cold cold, black heart
He knew this was coming right from the start.

He spoke not a word - for his tongue would not speak
And he realized his own fate for thinking us weak
Then laying the cross-hairs straight at his head
The last words he heard were "We all want you dead"

His knees how they buckled as he slid to the ground
Not one ounce of courage - within him he found.
He heard us exclaim with fear in his eyes
Bend over Osama and kiss it good-bye
Link Posted: 11/16/2001 11:28:18 AM EST
lol...I like it
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