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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/16/2003 9:00:58 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 11:12:37 AM EST by mike103]
Back in April I reported that my kids and I patterned our turkey guns for the New York Spring turkey season in May. Well it paid off. My oldest son, Daniel who is sixteen shot his first turney this past Saturday upstate New York. I did the calling and two "Jakes", young males came in. He shot the closest one, about 20-25 yards, right in the head a neck. The bird rolled down the mountain with my son is close pursuit. He was excited so he shot two more times, once more in the head but his second shot hit the chest. He will learn in time. I am having the tail feathers and beard mounted for him on wood. He used his 20 gauge Mossberg 500 youth model with a 22" vent rib barrel. It was loaded with Federal 3" mag #4 turkey loads. The gun was plugged for ducks so he had only three shots, good thing or he would have shot more! I have pictures and will try to post them this weekend. MIKE.

Edited to thank Striker for adding the pic's. I am still computer dumb.

My son Daniel is the lucky hunter with the bird in the middle. He is 16 years old. His brother Kevin, 14 years old is the right. On his left is my brother's son Sean, 13 years old. I'm on the right and my brother Brian is on the left. All three use Mossberg 500 youth guns in 20 gauge. Kevin's has full cammo.

Link Posted: 5/16/2003 10:26:03 AM EST
Congrats to son and dad! I tagged a nice tom on opening morning with my SP-10. Shortly after busting 4 birds off the roost at just after legal shooting time (~5:40), and feeling a sense of deja vu, I had to shoot a tom out of self-defense as 2 of them came rushing right in to my pitiable calling. Thought they were gonna run me over. Time 5:49 AM. Hate it when that happens!

I think this was one of my easiest turkey hunts. Kinda makes up for all the times the feathery little SOBs give me the middle claw.

Still looking for #2.
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 12:30:37 PM EST
Hey, congratulations. Glad to hear that you had a good family hunting experience. It's nice to see the tradition passed on to the next generation.

My Remington 11-87 Super Mag helped me take a nice bird the first Saturday morning of the season. This is the second year of all-day hunting in Indiana (used to close daily at noon). The first evening I had a strutting tom sneak in to my decoys. He acted nervous and started walking away. I got off a quick shot and missed. I didn't see another tom the next two evenings. Saturday morning I pulled up to the farm I hunt, only to find two other vehicles parked there. I am the only one with permission to hunt there. Anyway, I kept running into hunters and heard shots nearby. I knew of a field that the turkeys would congregate in around 9AM. I settled into that spot by 7AM and shot my bird at 8:58AM. Then I tried to help fellow AR15.COMer "JimTh" get his first bird over the next two weeks. We had a lot of call-shy birds and bad weather and I just couldn't get him a shot. His story does end on a happy note though. He went hunting on the military base where he works on the last day of season with a co-worker and took a great bird.
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 2:18:40 PM EST
M4, Sounds like those big Remington's are getting the job done. When it comes to turkeys Remington has a great line up. I have to get the pic's on the site. I don't know who was more excited me or my son. He shot the bird at 7:30 and carried it over his shoulder until 12 noon when we have to quit.

The fact that I was able to call in a bird is a miracle in the first place but that the bird came in gun range of my son's 20 gauge Mossberg 500 was great. That was my first and only day in the woods so far this year. I was suppose to hunt the first three days of the season but between me and my brothers jobs it did not work out. Can't hunt this week so my next chance is May 24. I have to travel 200 miles to hunt turkeys. MIKE.
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 4:58:27 AM EST

Originally Posted By mike103:
I have to travel 200 miles to hunt turkeys.

Ouch! That has to hurt. I'm very thankful that I can walk out my back door here in the country and hunt. It's not uncommon to see deer and turkeys in the field next to my home, though it doesn't happen too often. I've even taken coyotes and foxes from my back porch in the past. The furthest place I hunt is about 45 minutes from here. The two main farms I hunt are located behind my home and total over 500 acres. I have sole permission, although you can see from my above post that that means NOTHING to the locals. I usually drive around to the backside of the property instead of coming in from my side, as my 35 years are catching up with me and I hate hills.
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 5:08:28 AM EST
A couple of Remington's heavyweights:

Remington 11-87 SPS-T Super Magnum RS/TG

Remington SP-10 Magnum
Link Posted: 5/17/2003 6:58:37 AM EST
M4, We have turkeys on Long Island now only 20 minutes from my house but there is not a open season yet. Maybe in a few more years. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation began a turkey stocking program a few years ago, they are really taking hold.

Right now I am shooting a Remington 870 Express 12 gauge 3" chamber 28" vent rib barrel. I was using a Remington a extra full turkey choke with Federal 3" #4's high vel in lead. This year I bought the Remington Hevi-shot choke tube and am using the Hevi-shot in 3" #4's also high vel. I hope to shoot one this year with the new load. I do not need a dedicated turkey gun such as the SP-10 or the 11-87 Super Mag but I WANT ONE! I have a dedicated slug gun, a Remington 1100 with the cantilever scope mount and 5 other slug barrels for various Remington 870's, 1100's and Mossberg 500's. SO I WANT A BIG BOOMER PERIOD! MIKE.
Link Posted: 5/18/2003 5:58:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 2:51:01 AM EST
Aim, Every year there is some contest, (I forget the name) to see who can shoot the tightest pattern from a shotgun. Last year the hevi-shot won in every 12 gauge class. It did not win the 20 gauge class because 20 gauge hevi-shot was not available at that time.

I patterned twelve gauge hevi-shot in my Remington Express. I was using the Remington hevi-shot choke tube and 12 gauge 3" #4 high velocity hevi-shot. It shot about the same as the lead I use but the penetration was awesome. I have been frustrated the past two years with bird that hang up and don't come in close for a shot. I am hoping that I will get longer range with hevi-shot. I loaded with hevi-shot this year but have not shot anything yet. Remington is also making buckshot in hevi-shot.

While other companies jumped on substitutes for steel shot, bismuth, tungsten iron, and tungsten polymer Remington remained loyal to steel. That is until hevi-shot came along and they jump on it with both feet. The penetration plus the ability use roll back the shot size you use are the key as compared to steel. MIKE.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 7:44:14 AM EST
Still looking for turkey number 2! I took out a couple friends, a father and 11yr old son, on their first turkey hunt this past Sunday morning. Sadly, I was unable to find the cataract-stricken, half deaf turkey that I needed to overcome Doug and Josh's many broken twigs and continual spasmodic movements

Fun was still had by all. At least we saw a tom in full strut with a couple hens and I worked a tom which treated them to a lot of gobbling.

I think Hevishot isn't available for the 10g yet, so I haven't tried it. In truth, I would be hard pressed to get much better patterns than I have already been getting with my SP-10. I've been shooting Winchester's 2 oZ #5 hi vel 10g turkey load. Does a number on the birds I've shot the past few seasons with it. I shudder to think how pricey 10g hevishot loads will be.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 8:31:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 9:16:45 AM EST
SP-10, I know what you mean about young hunters. Mine usually fall asleep or at least close their eye's until they hear someting. Not a bad thing.

Yes, Hevi-shot is available in 10 gauge. About $20.00 per box of 10 shells. There is a guy on Remington picture board who claimes to have shot a turket at 67 yards with a 12 gauge 3 1/2" load of hevi-shot! So I guess you would be good for 100 yards! MIKE.
Link Posted: 5/19/2003 1:44:25 PM EST
There was a big article with major testing on the Hevi-Shot in the January 2003 issue of "American Rifleman" magazine. The author said that it should be called 'ugly-shot' due to its similar appearance to welding slag. It topped every test except one when put head-to-head with lead and steel shot. Tested were penetration, velocity, pattern density, and shotstring length. The only category it didn't top was shotstring length, with lead sqeaking out a 0.69" longer string. And that fraction of an inch doesn't mean squat. Pattern density at 40 yards for the Hevi-Shot was 89% in a 30" circle, while lead was 74% and steel was 67%. Supposedly Remington saved the best for last when it comes to all the non-lead shot offerings by the ammo manufacturers.

I usually use the Federal Premium 3 1/2" #4's, but couldn't find them this year. I used the Winchester Supreme 3 1/2" #4's with good results. I may just have to break down and try the Hevi-shot next year.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 10:46:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 11:16:43 AM EST
Striker, Thanks very much for the help with the pic's. Yes, I was very, very proud. I do not know who was happier, Me, my brother or the kids. Don't you just love when a plan comes together! I have been waiting for times like this since they were born. MIKE.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 12:30:12 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 1:08:00 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 1:09:29 PM EST by M4Madness]
Great photos. Nothing like seeing a group of young men (and a couple of old ones ) enjoying the great outdoors.
Link Posted: 5/20/2003 3:47:24 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/20/2003 8:13:03 PM EST by Wave]
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:03:19 AM EST
Just think Mike, they are almost prime deer-dragging age, too!

SP10jr is just shy of 9 months old. I've got a bit of a wait in front of me. His grandpa has already purchased jr's Red Ryder and a Marlin .22. I look forward to passing the SP-10 on to him when he is ready. I'll be too old and feeble to lug the heavy chunk of steel up my hillsides...
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 5:22:49 AM EST
Awesome, that's a good looking gobbler for his first.

Link Posted: 5/21/2003 9:20:00 AM EST
Kids learning to be responsible while enjoying the great outdoors with a gun...what is this world coming to? Next they'll be wanting to shoot one of those wicked handguns...or worse, an Evil Black Rifle...and they'll be hooked for life!

Good for you and your brother mike103!

Link Posted: 5/21/2003 11:01:01 AM EST
SP-10, I have been waiting for new draggers for several years since our last batch went to the Air Force, Florida and college and never returned. When I started deer hunting thirty years ago my friends father, who was the same age I am now then, would shoot and if one of us didn't show up to drag in 30 minutes whould just walk away and tell us to go back for the deer when he saw us. If I did that the damn deer would still be in the woods! No one to tell! Hey! I thought you were leaving that SP-10 to me!!!!

BV, He was so proud that he carried it over his shoulder for the rest of the day.

Ikor, My brother and I have been waiting for this day for many years. Lot's of BB gun shooting, 22 plinking, hand thrown clay birds ect ect. Now their shooting game. Nothing better than that.

Thanks Guys, MIKE.
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