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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/4/2002 8:47:36 AM EST
Next rifle I'm looking at is a Bushmaster, either 14.5" with the AK brake or the 16" HBAR. I don't know which one to get, or wheter or not to go with the A3 upper reciever. The deciding factor comes down to these two Trijicon scopes.

I assum the NSN model is illuminated, but which color: amber or red? Does the whole reticle glow or only the center crosshairs?

Any information would be greatly appreciated as this will be an expensive purchase!

Link Posted: 11/4/2002 9:28:20 AM EST
The NSN model has the very center of the crosshairs illuminated in a very, very light amber. This is so it's Night Vision compatible. Personally, I would prefer more illumination since I don't own or intend to own $4K worth of NVG. I'd prefer the chevron or a triangle for illumination.

The backup sites on the NSN are pretty much worthless.
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 9:37:48 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 9:41:26 AM EST
TA01 is cheaper, and as the previous posts state, better!

Link Posted: 11/4/2002 9:42:58 AM EST
How big is the red reticle? Is it as small as the amber NSN reticle?
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 11:03:41 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 11:57:50 AM EST
That's what I like about this webstie, I got more than I asked for. I made the post in 3rd period and got all the answers I needed by 6th!

Thanks for the input on the scopes, and for the suggestion to buy a preban Stokes.
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 12:19:32 PM EST
very good advice from Stokes !!

i tend to lean towards the early Colts, some members here seem to bad mouth Colts because of the pin size, blocks, etc., don't let that deter you, get an early model Colt, it will hold it's value far better than any others, pre-ban Bushmasters are good & reliable.....

as for the scope i'd recomend a Trijicon ACOG/BAC T-31, it has a donut reticle & is visable at night, bright sunlight & all that without batteries......

for a HUD type i like the Colt C-More & Trijicon reflex.......
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 5:53:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 6:44:51 PM EST
Neither... Get an Aimpoint ML2. If you have battery-phobia or just gotta have a Trijicon, I would suggest the Compact ACOG 1.5x 16 with the Amber triangle.

Your going to have a hard time tracking targets close up and in a house with the high mag optics. Though they are nice optics.
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