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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/19/2003 9:22:24 AM EST
I use a Sidearmor (Kydex) holster for my Model 23 Glock and I am not happy with it for a couple of reasons. I am contemplating getting a drop leg type holster, specifically a Safariland 6004 for use in the firearms classes that I take. What are your thoughts on drop leg type holsters?
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 12:18:58 PM EST
That will depend on why you are taking the classes. Are they strictly accuracy classes? Concealed classes? Tactical classes? Do you carry a gun as part of your job (military, police officer, etc.)? Do they allow drop leg holsters?

For some of these cases, a drop leg is not practical. I use a BHI drop leg for my 1911 for 3 gun matches. I only have it set low enough to use the lower most strap just below the crotch. I like the drop leg holsters myself. Do you have a friend with one that you could try out first?
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 7:12:27 PM EST
while not a popular choice i have had good luck with my Uncle mikes i like where my 23 sits in it

i may pick up a safariland 6004 shortly not sure what type of classes u are taking but mine has worked fine this far
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 8:20:24 PM EST
I take all sorts of classes. Pistol classes, carbine classes and precision rifle classes. I repeat all levels of various pistol classes over and over. The classes go from accuracy and tactics up through shooting on the move, behind cover and team oriented drills. I carry IWB or OWB Sidearmor holsters when I carry in public. I am mainly looking for something that will not move around on my belt or get in the way when using a carbine and thought a drop leg option might be good to try out. I would not use it for work puposes (I fix computers), just for training. The drop leg holster would kind of violate my tendency to train with what I carry, but when taking a carbine class for example having a pistol on your belt can get in the way.
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 8:30:45 PM EST
I find a drop leg to be more in the way than a belt mounted holster.
Link Posted: 10/20/2003 4:23:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/21/2003 4:58:01 PM EST
I guess I will wait until I come across a lefty with a leg holster so I can try it out. I would hate to have yet another holster in my rarely used gear bin. Thanks for the input folks.
Link Posted: 10/21/2003 6:58:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/22/2003 6:05:49 PM EST
Cave Creek and the 101. I am at Ben Avery just about every weekend. Email me and we can hook up. g234me@cox.net
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