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Posted: 12/5/2007 10:35:08 AM EDT
I just bought a 10/22T in SS to shoot and stumbled upon this on Ebay. For $9.95 I decided what the hell I'll give it a try. Well I was more then very suprised as to how well this product worked. Took me all of 5 minutes to get a perfectly clean bore.

Don't know if anyone else has tried this before, but it's new to me.

Custom Blended Bore Cleaner
Revive Wax Coating Capability

.22 Rimfire Firearms ONLY ---- NOT for use in Centerfire Guns

R-F Glaze

Titan’s newest offering to the Industry’s menu of finer products dedicated to the Rimfire shooters community; R-F Glaze. Uniquely formulated for the at home Professional Cleaning of all .22 Caliber Rimfire barrels, and restores the existing wax coating to absolute perfection in the same application. Quicker and easier gun cleaning, and made interesting.

Easily clean away fouling and powder residue without harsh brushes, re-surfaces the existing wax coating without additional wax layering, build-up, or pitting. Leaves a clean and smooth finish that dries to a high luster in just a few minutes. Removes the need for “shoot-in” (bore re-coating) after every cleaning.

Gun cleaning was never so easy; wet the patch and push or pull through bore, normally takes six to ten wet patches plus three dry ones as wipes. Done… Dries to a reconstituted high luster shortly. R-F Glaze does not build-up after resurfacing damage to the existing wax coating, but creates an ultra thin film that is “dissolved and re-glazed” with all future R-F Glaze cleaning. Reviving your Rimfire Bore can be this simple… PLUS - one bottle of R-F Glaze will last much longer than same quantity of traditional type bore cleaners with less waste.

Harsh bore brushes definitely NOT needed, 100% Cotton Patches alone are recommended. Rimfire cartridges come coated with a wax lube which coat barrel bores with a fine wax coating. This wax coating is extremely beneficial for true accuracy. R-F Glaze cleans and re-stores this ever-so-important wax coating to a full sheen.

New Rimfire barrels come with a brilliant silver bore but have diminished Accuracy until after 25 to 50 rounds are fired; those shiny silver bores turn Amber color, wax coating evidenced. Removing this wax coating exposes the brilliant silver bore again, but Accuracy is again diminished until 25 to 50 rounds have been fired again which re-coats the bore. This same sequence re-occurs with each wax coating removal type cleaning… those harsh type brushes at work.

Most high-end barrel manufacturers can quickly terminate a New Barrel Warranty if the bore shows “sandpaper” scaring from “bore brushes” used in cleaning. Rimfire accuracy is highly dependent on manufacturing processes, and equally so with refined owner maintenance. Today’s Rimfire barrels should easily yield in excess of 50,000 rounds fired with acceptable accuracy, some are then just getting broken-in. Owners’ proper maintenance is always so very beneficial.

R-F Glaze is formulated for usage inside .22 Caliber Rimfire barrels as a powerful cleanser and bore coating restorer for accuracy enhancement. Do not use in Centerfire bores, which require a different type bore cleaner, harsh brushes, plus additional oil lubricant. Both types of Firearms require a very different maintenance for longevity with enhanced accuracy.

Summary: All new product that works FOR the shooter.

R-F Glaze <> Rimfire Cleaning Solvent with Re-Glaze Wax Capability – First EVER!

R-F Glaze <> Strictly for Rimfire cleaning, formulated for wax lubed shooting.

R-F Glaze <> Mild and pleasant odor; great bore cleaner that actually smells good.

R-F Glaze <> Easily cleans the dirtiest .22 bore in shortest time… a fact.

R-F Glaze <> Restores existing wax coating without having to scrub out old wax.

R-F Glaze <> Removes need to "shoot-in" new wax coating, saves this wasted ammo.

R-F Glaze <> 3 drops of RF Glaze per patch; 6 wet patches & 3 buff patches= DONE

R-F Glaze <> Positively the Best.... No Compromise.

<> Do NOT Oil bore after cleaning {} R-F Glaze is THE Lubricant <>

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