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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/10/2003 3:01:58 PM EST
Does any one know anything good or bad about these rifles?

Thank you
Link Posted: 12/10/2003 7:59:39 PM EST
There was a perfect one for sale at a gun range in TX I used to visit; they were asking $350...I kick myself hard for not paying the money.

There was one new in box in Gun List a month or so ago, asking price was $750. Going rate on the auction web sites seem to be around $500 for a .357. IMI also imported about 1000 in .44 mag, you don't see enough of 'em to get a price point.

www.oldsacarmoury.com/html/timberwolf.html might make your wallet a little jumpy :).

I have a couple Remington centerfire pump guns that I really like, they're lightweight & very quick on the second shot. I need to get going on a timberwolf kit pdq.

In summary, I've heard nothing bad about them.

Link Posted: 12/10/2003 8:54:49 PM EST
I've visited this post several times trying to remember where I first heard of the Timber Wolf. Now I believe it was including in a nice piece of literature I had which included mostly Galil including the Hadar II.

I have seen a very few of these guns for sale over the years and have seen nothing negative.

Link Posted: 12/11/2003 3:39:16 AM EST
I had one for a couple of years and shot it pretty regularly. Very nice and reliable little gun. It can handle either .38 Spl. or the .357 Mag with no problem at all. The loading / unloading is similar to the 870 except that you must unload the magazine before you unload a chambered round...like with the Ithaca shotguns. IIRC it came with a scope base as well. I did not really care for the "adjustable" feature of the stock, but it never caused a problem with my gun.

We actually looked very seriously at using several of these with 2x fixed power scopes as support weapons in our court system...this was before the later optics like the Aimpoints, etc. were nearly as well proven as they are today. The main reason we did not go with it was the lack of factory support for the guns...parts, etc. at the time. A 125gr. .357 JHP at something like 1750-1800fps, will certainly get your undivided attention while being easy to shoot with almost no recoil. I hear the .44's were a bear to shoot, however.

If you are interested in one and can get a decent price...used, there is no way I'd pay over $350...they are a quality, fun little gun, and much more effective than any 9mm!
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