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Posted: 9/1/2004 5:59:27 AM EDT
I never hear much about this rifle, I used to see alot of information about this weapon when it first hit the market, but nobody ever seems to talk about it much anymore.

I always thought it was a well designed rifle and seemed very well made, why was it never that popular. If I remeber the 5.56 model used M16/AR15 magazines and they also made the rifle in 7.62.

What do you guys think about this weapon, I am sure there are people that have handled this rifle and would like to read some feedback.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 3:30:53 PM EDT
I don't know if they make certain models that accept M16 mags, but mine doesn't (unless I'm just that retarded.........it is possible). I have an old M372 ARM, four digit serial # AA3XXX, indicating, to the best of my knowledge, that it was one of the first Action Arms imports, as I've seen Magnum Research serial #MR3000, and mine's only a few after that. Only reason I can think of why it never became that popular is the price (it is not that cheap). An undeniably awesome weapon, though. I wouldn't trade mine for anything I can think of . Matter of fact, I'm always in the market for a .308 ARM! If you want to read more about it, and see TONS of pictures of them, go to Sturmgewehr.com and check out Buddy Hinton's collection. Take care.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:30:11 PM EDT
hey guys: i also have a galil 5.56 arm ...all galil weapons only accept the "rock in" type steel or plastic galil magazines...you have to have an mag adapter to use m-16 mags...i have one and it works fine,just a little tight....vince g. 11b inf.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 9:12:17 PM EDT
as 11 Bravo said the 556 galil takes its own 12, 35 and 50 rd mag..and you can still buy a AR15 mag adapter for it. The 308 galils had a few different mags for it...some made by IMI..most of my mags for my ARM are modified M14 mags..and I have seen afew modified HK mags


and I'm damn sure some others out there have seen even more different ones
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 12:08:50 PM EDT
Price, availability and quality are the biggest reasons why Galils are not as popular as other rifles.

Price: Cheapest Galils I can think of start at or around $1600, you can pick up almost a dozen AKs. Seriously though, at $1,600 you can nab a Yugo SKS, a Bulgarian 5.45 and a Krinkov and have a wild good time.

Availability: Spare parts, magazines and just the rifles them selves are few and far between and all run at a premium prices. Parts kits are in the $500 IIRC, and Receivers are also in the $500.

Quality: While the ARM, ORF and IMA Galils are all top-notch awesome quality, companies like Hesse put out a horrid, low quality product, as are many of the off brand receivers and kits. One must be concerned about quality when shelling out 1200 for a Galil, because that is rather low.

Personally I think no one likes the Galil for the same reason no military uses them. They are not as cheap and common as an Ak and they don’t feature the excellent tactical add-ons and low recoil of an M-16. What you have a heavy rifle that fires .233 in an AK fashion, why not save $1200 and buy an AK-74 which will get you damn close to the same performance? And if you want .308, well FAL all the way.

My opinions,
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 1:41:15 PM EDT
i've seen a couple at gun shows..i think they were 2k or more. i want to say 3k but i don't remember.
you don't hear much about steyr augs either, i think it's because of the price/availability of them. i'd like an FNC.
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