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Posted: 5/10/2005 11:52:17 PM EST
Well I did some searching and couldn't find a whole lot on the Benelli/HK M3. I really just want to know the basics of it, are they reliable? The reason I am wanting this gun, or at least thinking I want it, is b/c of the semi/pump configuration. I currently use a 20ga 870 for all my shotgun hunting needs. I would like to have a 12 though, it would be handy if I were to hunt pheasant again or any larger game than a quail/dove. Last fall I broke my right shoulder in a motorcycle accident, and I figure that the semi auto mode would help with recoil if I were to plug the tube and use it as a deer gun (shotgun only here). However, I am used to the 870 and want the reliability of a pump, since I like tools that do exactly what I want them to do, when they are told.

All in all, I really don't need this shotgun at all, and if I get another shotgun now it will either be this one or none at all. I'm in somewhat of a situation where it might not be a bad idea to buy this and sell it cheap to a friend or family member. Nothing illegal, but to sum it up, I got hit on my motorcycle by another rider, he died, and now the lawyer says I might have to file because the ins. isn't enough to cover the bill and it's well over $200K, and I'm only 22 and trying to go to college. I am basically getting bent over waaaaayyyyyy harder than I've even started to mention on here especially since I was 0% at fault, but I figure it might not be a bad idea to do this and have the option of buying it back in the future. Basically trying to find a glimmer of hope in, as my lawyer said, "just an absolute nightmare of a case."
Link Posted: 5/11/2005 6:16:14 PM EST
Unless you have a need to switch to non-lethal ammo, I would get the M1 S90 Tactical.
Link Posted: 5/11/2005 6:37:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/11/2005 7:20:53 PM EST by DasRonin]
A Benelli auto is not known for its light recoil. Unlike some auto shotguns... a Benelli does not have much recoil attenuation from the operating system as some gas operated autos... such as Remington 1100 or 1187 (if that is the newer version).

I find that the old M1, the M3 and the newer Benelli autos shoot as hard as a Remington 870 in the same gauge.

If you are looking for softer recoil... a Benelli may not be the pick.. Shoot one before you buy to be sure it does not play poorly with the damaged shoulder.
Link Posted: 5/11/2005 7:11:03 PM EST
Speaking from someone who has a M1S90. The recoil is not light at all. It is really reliable if you feed it the right ammo. It will not cycle SOME tactical loads as well as light birdshot reliably.
Link Posted: 5/12/2005 12:09:22 AM EST
So basically the M1 or M3 in semi mode would probably not cycle the $3/box multipurpose 7.5 loads from wally world? How heavy of a load does it take to cycle it consistently?

Also, does the M3 operate as a normal pump does? I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that it wasn't a 'true pump' whatever that means. As long as you can manually eject and manually chamber the rounds without any assistance from springs, etc., that is what I'm looking for.

Also, one last question! Does it have the "feature" where you must push a button or bolt release to feed rounds into the tube? I've shot a couple shotguns with this setup, a Rem model 11 and my grandfather's Franchi, and just absolutely despise having to hold the button down to load rounds. If it has this, please let me know because it will be put on my "do not buy, ever" list.
Link Posted: 5/12/2005 3:13:23 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/12/2005 3:17:11 AM EST by M4Gunner]
IMHO the M3 is best of both world! Yes, it functions like a regular pump action except a little faster maybe with the help from its action spring. It is true it may not function very reliable with light loads in semi mode but then you just shoot it like a pump action no problem! To your last question not neccessary because you can always pump a round into the chamber & switch it to semi mode if you prefer.
Link Posted: 5/12/2005 3:41:19 AM EST
All I know is a 150 lb man ( a friend) can fire 00 buck as fast as he want to, and hit all the targets.
Nuf said.
Link Posted: 5/12/2005 4:53:04 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/13/2005 6:39:41 PM EST

My preban M3

as stated in semi mode it does kick because you have to use high brass loads.

I settled on Winchester 1 1/4 oz 3 3/4 dram 6 shot for practice.

I do like that fact that it can shoot anything and shoot it well. At the last 3 gun match I was at I let a small woman shoot it and she did really well with it in pump mode.

When I get around to it I am going to cut about 1.5 inches off the stock and replace the pad.
Link Posted: 5/17/2005 8:57:01 PM EST

Originally Posted By twl:

It is not problematic with light loads, because if you encounter some very light loads, you can use it as a pump action quickly and easily.

There is no load that you cannot use in this gun(as long as it fits in).

IMO, this is the best shotgun that you can buy. Period.

I feel that way about my M1. Never had a problem, with reduced recoil loads. Best gun I have ever shot. I would love to get an M3 and M4 as to have a complete collection.
Link Posted: 5/18/2005 9:13:27 PM EST
Thanks for all the replies guys, sounds like a winner. I'm 6'0" and 170, although I look like I'm 15lbs less. Guess I'll just have to eat more hamburgers to help manage the recoil if I actually man-up and buy one. I shot a friends .300 WinMag a while back, and it seemed a lot more tame than I thought it would be. But, that was before my shoulder broke too. Last time I went to the doc though, they didn't even bother with my shoulder when taking x-rays of my ankle/leg/back, so I guess it's all healed up OK.

Also, what is some real cheapo buck, preferably 00, 2 3/4 to shoot? I saw that S&B made some at a fair price, anybody use that stuff? All I know is that at $3/5 rounds, it won't get much buck shot through it if I have to buy win/rem.

Lastly, how hard is it to plug the tube? I would probably only use it for deer hunting, or maybe take it dove hunting just to see the looks on people's faces, although I usually use a 20ga. So, for the most part I would only need it plugged for 7 days out of the year, but I've always been a firm believer in obeying game laws. If I can't plug it somehow, then I couldn't hunt with it. I didn't know if you would have to buy a shorter tube or if you can use the 7shot tube with a plug.
Link Posted: 5/19/2005 10:07:06 AM EST

Originally Posted By JoshD:
Thanks for all the replies guys, sounds like a winner. I'm 6'0" and 170, although I look like I'm 15lbs less. Guess I'll just have to eat more hamburgers to help manage the recoil if I actually man-up and buy one.

I'm 5'6" 140lbs. You won't have a problem with recoil.
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