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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/29/2005 2:36:09 PM EDT
Does anyone know a site that might have the disassembly instructions for a Tanfoglio 9mm?
Tried the factory website already.
Link Posted: 7/29/2005 6:46:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/29/2005 7:27:35 PM EDT by dfariswheel]
Field strip, or complete disassembly?
The EAA site has online owner's manuals, and here's another source:


100% disassembly: FROM MEMORY, SO NO GUARANTEES.
NOTE: This AIN'T an easy gun to reassemble, and I'm not joking.

This is for the new model Tanfoglio with the short hammer spring and the new-type safety.

Field strip the gun.

Push down and rotate the trigger bar lifter. This is the spring-loaded plunger with an "L" shaped head under the front of the trigger bar, just behind the trigger.
When the "L" shaped lifter head is rotated to the rear, pull it up and out of the frame.
WARNING: This also releases the magazine catch. There's a tiny spring and plunger inside the catch, don't let them spring out and get lost.

In the ejector-sear block assembly is a tiny torsion spring that powers the sear. The front of the spring also retains the safety.
To release the safety, lift the front of the spring out of it's notch in the ejector block and the notch in the safety shaft and move it over to one side so it will (hopefully) stay in place.
It usually doesn't and if it slips back over and into it's slot, you can't remove the safety. You have to keep an eye on it.

Wiggle-pull the safety until it pulls out of the frame. This releases the ejector-sear block assembly. You should press the ejector-sear block back into the frame as you pull the safety out to keep tension off it.
If you don't keep the block pushed back into place as you remove the safety, the block will move forward and jam both the block and safety, making it REAL difficult to get things either back into place OR apart.

Remove the ejector-sear block.

To remove the sear and spring from the ejector block, push out the pin. NOTE: Which way the tiny sear spring is orientated.

Drive out the hammer pin and remove the hammer and it's spring.
It's best to leave the interrupter attached to the front of the hammer.

Drive out the trigger pin, and remove the trigger and trigger bar. WARNING: When the trigger pin is removed, the trigger spring is released, don't loose it.
Before removing the trigger pin, notice how the trigger spring fits into the trigger and rests against the frame.

To disassemble the slide:
Press in the firing pin and push the firing pin stop down from it's seat in the rear of the slide.

Pull the firing pin and spring out.
Dump the firing pin block and spring out of their hole in the bottom of the slide.

Drive out the extractor pin and remove the extractor and it's spring.

To reassemble the slide, reverse the above.

To reassemble the frame:

Use a short "slave pin" to hold the trigger spring in place in the trigger and trigger bar assembly.

Insert the trigger and bar into the frame, and replace the trigger pin. This will push the slave pin out.

Replace the hammer spring and hammer assembly, push into position and replace the hammer pin.

Use a slave pin to hold the sear and it's spring together while you insert them into the ejector block and replace the pin.

Using three hands and some REALLY bad words, hold the hammer back while inserting the ejector-sear block assembly into place, then wiggle-push the safety into place. (This AIN'T easy).
Be sure the sear spring hasn't slipped into it's slot in the ejector block, since this will prevent the safety shaft from sliding into place.

After you have everything in place, push the sear spring over into it's slot and be sure it properly slips into place in the safety shaft, locking the safety in place.

Replace the tiny spring and plunger into the magazine catch.

Using three hands, hold the magazine catch in place in the frame, while inserting the trigger bar lifter assembly into the frame.
Use a small screw driver to reach into the magazine catch and push the spring and plunger into the catch, while at the same time pushing the trigger bar lifter assembly down into place.

The lifter and mag catch hold each other in place by friction between the mag catch spring and plunger, and the shaft on the trigger lifter.

Lift the trigger bar assembly up while rotating the "L" shaped trigger lifter assemble to the front.
Link Posted: 8/1/2005 5:56:35 AM EDT
Thanks for the site and instructions. I'll give it a try
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