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Posted: 9/6/2004 1:00:53 PM EDT
So yeah, I've been bit by the tactical shotgun bug. Before I go spendin' my money, I gots ta ask a few questions.

1. I'm pretty used to my Beretta 390 clay-gun's recoil... but I'll probably be getting a pump for this one. Either Benelli Nova if there are good accessories for it or probably an 870 or 1300. Is this going to be a tremendous increase in recoil (probably pad the butt, but get an 18-1/2" or 20" barrel)?

2. I've been warned that on pistol-grip-stock shotties, the recoil can hurt the web of your hand if you hold it in the traditional manner (hand wrapped around pistol grip). Is this an actual problem?

3. Is getting the barrel ported a good way to reduce recoil?

4. 3" chamber, or 3-1/2"?

5. Can 870's, Novas, and 1300's all handle Aguila mini-slugs?

6. Is there a pistol-grip stock and/or flashlight foregrip available for the Nova?

7. With an 18-1/2" to 20" bbl, what magazine extenders work well?

8. Finally, what does a speedfeed stock do?
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Now, who said I shot it well? I average about 12 per 25 in wobble trap and 5-stand, and that's all I've really done.
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I would go with the 870. Most acessories etc. Pistol grip stocks are you meaning only a pistol grip or a stock with a pistol grip? If you want a pistol grip I would go with the copstock, it is a folding stock which
has there recoil reducing system built in. Othwise I would go with the hogue compstock or the copstock non folder. I have the hogue and it drastically reduses felt recoil. A speed stock is a stock with a built in 4 capacity extra shell carrier built inside. I have one it does hold the rounds well but once you pull out one the other tends to fall out.

Barrel porting per sei does not reduce recoil. It may slightly but what it does is reduce muzzle rise. It may also help reduce pattern size. Lengthing the forcing cone and back boring are also supposed to reduce recoil. I personally am building one up right now for duty carry and I am having al the above
done and the hogue stock. I have researched it long and hard. If you dont go with the hogue I would try a simms vibration recoil pad, I have heard real good things about them.

3 1/2 chamber and you are worried about recoil....massachist stick with 2 3/4 or 3" chamber

I have never seen a flashlight fore girp for nova check sure fires web sight and for the rest check brownells
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Okay, I also have a few relevant semi-auto questions:

1. What is the difference between the 1100 and the 11-87?

2. Can the 1100 and/or the 11-87 take the same stocks (not foregrips, I'm sure) as the 870? Can the Mossie 935 do the same for 500 stocks?

3. Is there a good source for shortened (not NFA) barrels for those three shotguns?

4. Will the magazine extentions for the 870 work on the 1100 and 11-87, and for the 500 on the 935?

Oh, and pistol-grip stock meaning full stock, with a pistol grip, not folding, in this case.
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An FN Tactical shotgun is based on the 1300 so all the accessories will work with it.

Since it is based on the 1300 the Aguila minishells should work with it.

The barrel is already ported. It comes with an 18 1/2" barrel and the tube extends all the way to the end of the barrel so no extensions are neccesary. Comes with a built in scope rail for adding optics.

You get a pistol grip and retractable stock. Add a nice AR15 buttstock pad and you are ready to go.

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Since most everyone has covered things already; I thought I'd add my .02 as a AVID and competitive clay shooter. When I built my 870 I originally put a pistol gripped stock on it; however, I found I shot it much better with a standard stock. I think its all about being used to the shotgun, which for me, stems from clay shooting. A shotgun you point, not aim.

Shouldclarify my 870 is not my clay gun, but its the motor skills that remain the same. Can't explain it any better than that; it's simply what I'm used to.
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Link Posted: 9/20/2004 8:24:11 PM EDT

I have been a LONG time 870 shooter (but have owned several Mossbergs and High Standard fighting shotguns too!)

If you want a do everything gun, I think have it figured out.

Remington Super Express Magnum 3.5" shotgun (go with either waterfowl 26" bbl or Turkey 23" bbl for hunting.

Remington Slug Bbls fit the Super Express Magnum (you can go either bead or rifle sights (rifle was my choice to reach out!) shooting 2 3/4 and 3" shells. The Mini-Mags seem to be much more trouble than they are worth to those who have actually shot them and seen the results.

OKLA-Lawman was 100% right about getting a recoil reducing stock! BEST money I ever spent on my 870. I shot several boxes of Hot 3.5 Super Magnum duck and goose hunting and NO pain! If you have ever shot a pump gun and gotten stung (the action does not absorb recoil like a semi-auto) the Hogue or Knoxx stock is Magic!! I own both, but prefer the Knoxx since it has a hard surface that telescopes (whereas the Hogue has a soft rubber cover over the compression zone of the stock (never had anything get smashed in there, but where there is an a way it WILL happen sometime to someone!

a 870 can take all the huge number of accessories like tactical lights, slings, kitchen sinks and mag extensions(on newer model 870s the dimples at the end of the mag tube need to be either drilled out or have a gunsmith press them out with a tube tool (used to correct dented / crushed magazine tubes - it ironed the dimples right out in about 2 minutes flat!

The Nova has some newer features, but as for options, there just are not a lot. But a 870 is the "Chevy" of Shotgunning (options for customizing it as everything from country kicker to city slicker) depending on what you want / need it to do. THE most versitable gun because of all the many options you can use to customize it to your exact needs.

Mine allows me to shoot Ducks to Bucks to Trucks 365 a year - year in and year out! (870s also a extremely reliable and go boom everytime I pull the trigger (something I can't say about a couple of other makes of shotguns!!)

Just remember that what is right for others may not be right for you, so where possible try out the choices (gunners are almost always willing to let someone esle shoot their toy!)

good luck and good shooting buddy!

Bigger Hammer
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