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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 11/18/2003 7:19:03 AM EDT
ProTac Global Inc. Shotgun Course (SC1).
Hosted by: Recruit_Killer

This will be a 6hour class Saturday 13, December. 8:00-2:30 with a 30-minute break.

Location: The Impact Zone

Directions Coming From Houston
Take I-10 west to the #732 Brookshire exit, turn right/north to old 90, turn left/west and go to the second light, Hwy 359 and turn right/north, follow 359 to the town of Pattison and the junction of FM 1458 & 359 (flashing red light) turn right/north and follow 359 to the junction of Hwy 529, turn left/west and go 1.7 miles to a S curve, 1/2 way through the curve will be KERR rd on the right just past a power line station, take a right/north and go 1. mile to 10878 KERR rd Black mail box on the left side of road the gate is on the right, a pipe gate with 3 board panels.

Class size: 12 slots.

Method of registration: Send an IM to Recruit Killer.
or e-mail to me, Mike Wood at 308wood@excite.com

Course Description:

This as a basic tactical shotgun course and teaches a skill set from safety to dynamic use of the shogun under tactical conditions. The class starts cold with a review of basic safety and tactical loading techniques. The guns are patterned to demonstrate shot group size at known distances with varying types of ammo. Carry, deployment, shell selection, single vs. magazine loading, malfunction drills, use of cover and Transitions are all covered. The remainder of the class covers movement and use of the weapon. The class is designed with a standard “off the shelf”, field or hunting shotgun in mind. While Tactical and self-defense guns are welcome they are not required. The focus of the class is to impart skills and mindset needed to fully utilize this often-misunderstood weapon system. The instructors will modify their method of training to assist those who shoot competitions like IDPA or “Three Gun” matches.

Please note. The use of light recoiling loads commonly referred to as target or tactical is HIGHLY recommended!

Course Highlights:
· Firearms Safety
· Developing a tactical platform (Shooting Stance)
· Sight Alignment Trigger Control and Sight Picture Under Duress
· Manipulation
· The Four Main Firing Positions
· Use of Cover
· Immediate Action (Clearing a Malfunction)
· Shotgun to Pistol Transition
· Multiple Target Engagement
· Movement Shooting

Equipment List:
· Signed Waiver
· Primary Weapon: Pump Semi or double barrel Shotgun (Tricked out or Tactical guns are welcome but not required).
· Carry sling (Tactical Sling not required but recommended
· Pistol (not required but recommended)
· Holster
· 3 Magazines for Pistol
· 200 rounds #8. 50 rounds 00 buck. 50 rounds Slug. 50 rounds pistol.
· Shell pouches.
· Ear and Eye Protection
· Bandages or athletic tape for scrapes.
· Firearms Cleaning Kit
· Hat, Sun Glasses Sun Screen / Foul Weather Gear (Contingent on time of year)
· Water / Gatorade / Snacks / Lunch

(PRICE) $125.00

Or contact by email: Roughrider24@sbcglobal.net
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