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Posted: 6/5/2008 7:44:32 AM EDT
I asked this a while ago, but has anyone seen or have a copy of a letter from the ATF which allowed the latest batch of T33's with the safeties installed C&R elligable?

I am in need of same as I am in debate with the ATF on a denied Form 1 on a C&R firearm and its "original configuration" issue. Those T33's having a hole drilled in the receiver to add a non original safety still being ruled C&R will help me simply wanting to add a 12" barrel to a M1 Carbine. A feature which can be returned back to original config unlike drilling a hole in a receiver. That ruling on ATF letter head would help a ton.

Link Posted: 6/5/2008 8:33:48 AM EDT
If you don't mind my asking, have you attempted the greater than 50 years old argument yet (if this particular pistol is in fact greater than 50)?
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 8:54:16 AM EDT
Never heard of that. My understanding was the addition of the safety disqualified it as C&R per ATF&E....
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 12:44:38 PM EDT
ATF later ruled that they were C&R. AIM and SOG sold them as such.

The Form1 debate is whether or not changing barrel length changes original config. The C&R statis/50yo part is not in question. They argue that changing a barrel changes original config, which no longer makes it C&R. Michigan law allows for C&R SBS/SBR's (not any others), so my point is changing the barrel length does not change original config., therefor its still C&R and can be Form 1's under MI law. They approved a few for others both in MI and CA at first then stated no and now theyre taking a better look at it. The ATF NFA guy Im in contact with has been very helpful. With the right documentation this should pass. Thats why their T33 allowance is important. If you can add a safety and be C&R you can sure change barrel length.

This original config debate has gone on long enough. Maybe this will help put it to bed. I cant see how they can apply an import law to possession in the US. The C&R law which defines what a C&R is basically states 50yo or on the List, nothing about original config. Only the import law addresses original config and some ATF person issued an opionion which states that if its in the import law then it must apply to all C&R's. That just doesnt make legal sense to me. Its either stated in the law or not. I do have a NFA savy attorney also helping with this issue.

I'll contact AIM and SOG and see if they ever got anything Official on the T33 thing. At the time they just had a phone call or email from ATF if I remember OKing them to sell as C&R.
Link Posted: 6/5/2008 1:59:31 PM EDT
If you're buying the gun in it's original configuration, and then swapping barrels later on, you're OK.  The distinction comes in the fact that you won't be able to sell the gun as a C&R with that barrel installed.  C&R status only matters at time of transfer.
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