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Posted: 4/27/2014 9:19:29 AM EDT
After a 9 month wait, I got in my Surefire SOCOM 762 mini last week.

Took it out on a Rem 700, and a LWRC PSD in 6.8mm.

Worked well.

On the Rem 700, no POI change between on/off.  Still loud with full .308 ammo, but not nearly as loud as without.  To me anyway, it lengthened both the sound and the recoil out, so it had that longer sound and feel of a blackpowder gun.  So much more pleasant to shoot.

For the PSD, with it's 8.5 inch barrel and 6.8mm caliber, the can was required.  WIth the overhead cover of the outdoor range, plus the Surefire muzzle brake, it was nasty to shoot, even with plugs and muffs in.  The weapon was loud, and the blast was similar to the Twin Sister's cannons that were fired off yesterday at the San Jacinto reinactment.  

But with it, it was a pussy cat.  Like the difference between a .44 Mag and .44 Speical round out of a 629.  One you grit your teeth on, the other all smiles.

No jams or any feeding issues.  Buffer was the standard H2 that comes with the LWRC lower.

Accuracy was good - 2 inches or less at 100, which is about all I can do without a good scope.

I'd seen questions as to if a Surefire brake/supressor would work on the short barrel on the PSD, with the handgurad screws - no issues.

It's a handy little set up - overall barrel/supressor length is less than 15 inches, full 6.8mm power, LWRC reliablity, and sound supression.

Required photo or it did not happen:

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