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Posted: 1/19/2002 4:59:55 PM EDT
has anyone ever owned one of these? Would like any opinions on them such as accuracy and quality. Remember reading years ago about them when they first came out. Was supposed to be great. Found one with rings and excellent condition for $1095.00, is that about right? Are they still made? Thanks. Dennis
Link Posted: 1/19/2002 5:51:36 PM EDT
Yes owned one of those and an SSG PII recent Steyr Scout owner..Steyr was recently sold..and the rumor Ive heard is that Gun South is about to loose the import rights..and the new owner is gonna announce at the shot show who is going to be the new importer..but that is just a rumor ...not sure if they are gonna continue making the SSG series..with the SBS system and the tactical models coming out..SSG is a fine rifle..hammer forged barrel etc
if they quit making it parts may be harder to come by....magazines etc ..avoid the 10 mags as these cost up to 200 bucks a pop and are quite fragile and rare.. the 5 rounders work well. I had double set triggers..which in the end I didnt care for ..like the single trigger better..the only complaints Ive heard about were the double set triggers the fragile 10 round mags and the cycolic (sp?) stocks.. a lot of these issues have been addressed in the new SBS and the price is better on these...another rumor Ive heard is the price is coming down a bit...in the near future...
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