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Posted: 5/16/2005 7:29:47 AM EDT
I have a stainless Ruger 10-22 and I am planning on making a tack driver by adding a new stock and barrel. Should I get a Stainless fluted bull barrel or a Carbon Fiber barrel? I am looking at Butler Creek, Green Mountain and Adams and Bennett barrels. The Carbon Fiber is a Butler Creek. Also, is a 20" barrel better than the 18" barrel on the 10-22?
Link Posted: 5/16/2005 3:50:40 PM EDT
For me weight was the biggest factor. I have a Butler Creek carbon fiber barrel with compensator.
I picked it up for $125-ish. Those stainless steel bull barrels are very heavy. Heck my entire rifle probably weighs close to the weight of just that SS barrel.

I would think everyone would want as light as possible 10/22. Sure does impove the overall feel for me.

I was talking to the Volquartsen people about why their carbon fiber barrels are so short. Even on the 17hmr, the CF barrels are only 18.375". They said it had to do with the size of the roll of carbon fiber.
So as far as barrel length.... The 18.375" Volquartsen CF barrel in 17 hmr, have a guarantee of
5-shot groups - under .750" @ 100yds. and under .375 @ 50 yrds for the 22lr.


I would think 18" is more than enough barrel length for 22lr.
Link Posted: 5/17/2005 3:47:40 AM EDT
the two barrels your deciding on are two different paths.

if you want a lightweight packin all day rifle i would go with the volquartsen c/f bbl or even a ss 16"

for some benchrest type work i would go with the either the 18" or 20" bull barrel.

i have a 20" fluted ss barrel and it holds 1/2 moa and under with federal champions all day long but i plan on swapping in favor of a 18" gm bbl
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 6:09:20 AM EDT
I'd give Tactical Solutions a look.... They make REALLY nice 10-22 barrels. Rather than carbon, their barrels are a thin steel barrel with an aluminum sleeve around it. This give the stability the barrel needs and the light weight you want. I'll have one (anodized OD Green, with flash suppressor, of course) for my Buckmark Rifle in a week or two.

They do really nice work.

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