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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/4/2001 4:06:57 PM EST
Anyone know much about these rifles? They are C&R and .308 with a 19 inch barrel, straight pull bolt. Are these a reliable weapon to add to my collection? Century has them for $139.00. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 4:24:58 PM EST
I don't think it is really a straight pull bolt. What do you want to know? It is a "large-ring" Mauser, light and handy, but kicks hard. Interesting rotary rear sight, CETME flash suppressor. There is a web page out there somewhere, search and you'll find it. A decent one is worth the asking price.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:48:53 PM EST
bobeaser, I would have to agree with chairborne, they are nice little rifles, I shot one of a friend's once he also had a new snub revolver I told him it was the ultimate defense rifle just point the pistol at your adversary and tell him he had to shoot that rifle three times.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 5:54:55 PM EST
Try this place:
There is alot of good info on these rifles here.
I saw one this weekend at a gunshow for $149.
They are pretty decent little rifles.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 6:38:58 PM EST
I bought one about 6 months ago, because I always wanted one. It's OK. Short handy and neat looking.
But in all honesty, I prefer my Model 7, Ishapore .308 Enfield (as sold by Navy Arms and others). It's a cut down, phony version of a Enfield Jungle Carbine, but it sure handles and shoots nice. Bent bolt, 12 RD detachable Mag. and it has a much smoother action than the SR-8.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 9:42:03 PM EST
What's the tube under the barrel for? The sight says it's a Mauser 98 action. If it's bolt action, I can't understand what the tube under the barrel is for.
Link Posted: 12/4/2001 11:41:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/5/2001 1:30:28 AM EST

Originally Posted By slt223:
What's the tube under the barrel for? The sight says it's a Mauser 98 action. If it's bolt action, I can't understand what the tube under the barrel is for.

Apart from being a support for the bayonet it is also used to store a cleaning kit. If you have a complete rifle there should be a threaded end cap screwed into it. Atleast that was what they were showing & telling in a German article I read lately on the CETME FR8.

Link Posted: 12/5/2001 4:17:48 AM EST
I have one, its a pretty neat looking rifle. My dad said when he first saw me with it kinda reminded him of a M1A, the cut down version. Then he saw the other side where the bolt was. But on top of being a .308 (what I have wanted for awhile) its got a nice big Flash surpressor and a bayonet lug and mine even came with the bayonet some dumb person might decide to call this old bolt action an assualt rifle. I like shooting rifles that get peoples attention and I think this might be one to do it. I am still trying to figure out how to adjust the sights a few people tried to tell me how in writing but I just dont under it yet. Do I have to loosen that screw in front of the sight in oreder to adjust elevation.

Link Posted: 12/5/2001 4:43:48 AM EST
I've a like new (99%) Mauser M48A in 7.92mm Mauser, all matching numbers, test fired only, which I'll swap for an FR-8 (or FR-7) in 7.62mm NATO. Even up.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 12/5/2001 6:49:51 AM EST
This guy makes front sight tools.


Link Posted: 12/5/2001 8:58:17 AM EST
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Link Posted: 12/5/2001 8:48:44 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/5/2001 8:40:31 PM EST by Sixgun357]
Well I just shot my FR8 today and it was dead on for elevation, shot a really nice group. But my group was 8 inchs to the right. Not to sound stupid but what does "off set for windage mean".

Link Posted: 12/6/2001 8:54:06 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:38:54 PM EST
What is a good source for a replacement stock for one of these??

Link Posted: 1/14/2002 6:54:53 PM EST
I've heard Springfield Sporters has replacement stocks.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 7:19:46 PM EST
Tapperman, Does Springfield Sporters have a web site? Thanks.
Link Posted: 1/15/2002 1:56:43 PM EST
I don't think they have a web site, but I think they usually have an ad in Shotgun News.
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