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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/11/2010 7:10:54 PM EST
So I have been shooting a bit of super sonic 115 gr hand loads through my AAC EVO 9 attached to my beretta 92FS. I know it is not what the set up was desinged for. I also do get peppered in the face with carbon (or something ellse) particles when the slide cycles. I figure this is becasue with the booster on the suppressor the super sonic ammo is cycling the slide faster.

My questions are.

1. Am I going to break the frame on my 92FS?

Also I have just noticed that the star shaped portion of the booster (if you own one of these you know what I'm talking about) has been digging into the shelf it rests on in the suppressor. I first thought it was carbon building up in the gaps between the indexing points of the bootser but when I scrapped the carbon away I noticed they are definately indentations in the metal. The suppressor has about 1000 rounds through it about half of it sub sonic and half super sonic.

2. Has anyone ellse noticed this in their EVO 9? Is this caused by the super sonic ammo or is this normal wear and tear?

Link Posted: 9/11/2010 8:36:48 PM EST
On 1, no it wont hurt it at all.
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