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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/26/2006 11:05:54 AM EDT
Tried the search, but no info found.

I have a Benelli M3S90, I have a few questions about loads;

1) Reading an article in G&A recently, I interpreted it as you can fire saboted slugs out of a non-rifed barrel W/IC or MC, no screw ins. Is this true for non choked and non rifled shotguns? I also interpreted the article as the saboted slugs produced great and repeatable accuracy and consistency.

2) Mini shells in a M3S90? Can you feed these reliably in the M3 in pump mode? How about semi-auto?

3) I am currently running Ranger 00 buck low recoil in the M3 for PD in the home and also Fioochi International Tactical Frangible 00 Buck for the home. I have had decent luck with both loads w/in 25ft, to 50ft getting rather scattered.
Anyone have a suggestion for a more Benelli friendly combo out to 75ft?
Possibly anyone have some experience with 000 buck from Hornady TAP or Federal Premium or other?

4) Low-recoil loads in the M3; anyone found a load that cycles reliably in auto mode? I have tried the Fiocchi tactical with unrelable results

5) I am not sure if my M3S90 has a IC or MC, how can I identify this?

In the Remington Express Magnum Express;

1) Mini-shells and reliability and grouping experience?

2) I would like to upgrade the 870 to Police model myself, are te upgrades available from any dealers here on online?

3) Tailored low-recoil loads for PD in the home experience?

4) My 870 is registered as a Pistol, NOT SBR, I would like to change to a new stock like the FN pistol grip collabsable or some other sort of pitol grip style. Any suggestions and experience?
Also, Do I need to re-register the SG as a rifle? Or, since it is already a pistol leave it alone, the addition of the stock will not make it a SBR, it has a 18" barrel and would then become a standard shotgun. I have read that you may not register a shotgun rifle w/ATF and then convert it to a pistol legally, But, The reverse is very vague to me being converting a manufacturers produced Shotgun pistol to a Rifle and then back to a pistol.

I know I have quite a few questions here, I know you guys can help. Thanks all in advance for all the help!
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 1:03:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 5:29:01 PM EDT
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