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Posted: 8/9/2005 8:16:18 PM EDT
I bought an H&R Ultra-Slug gun last year at auction. Definitely an impulse purchase, but it was virtually unused for just a bit over $100, and I wanted something for a shotgun-only hunt opportunity.

I put my EoTech on it, sighted in at 25 yds w/ old-fashioned Foster slugs (over-the-counter at the bait store). Have to admit, with only five boxes of practice after ten sighter rounds, it was really irresponsible of me to take it on a hunt. But I rationalized that the stands were in such tight brush and shots would be living-room range. I was lucky -- collected a doe on "either sex" tag at a little more than 40 feet. Clean and quick.

This year, I'm being more serious -- I have a different place to hunt w/ shots up to 80-90 yds. Want to take more time to practice and pick the right slug.

Must say two things about the H&R. One: even with the gorilla-profiled thick barrel, it kicks like HELL, and two: it is amazingly accurate. Fosters cloverleafed at 25 yds shooting seated in a chair w/ barrel not rested (tried to do it like I would in the stand -- guess it worked!).

Has anybody tried the Remington Buckhammers? They look fierce, and the press hype is impressive. Also, any Lightfield fans? Others?

I'll continue to practice w/ cheapies, as the premiums are EXPENSIVE, and insure a thorough bore cleaning and sight-in before I hit the woods.
Link Posted: 8/10/2005 4:13:41 AM EDT
I would assume your gun has a rifled barrel? If so, fosters should not be used in it, ever.

It is just not the same thing, the gun is meant to be used with sabots. This is not a gun you shoot a lot, it is designed for a one shot kill on a deer. So spend the money, buy 20 sabots. Sight the gun in at 50 yards on a bench. Use a large target that has increments well marked on it. You can probably get a good 3 shot group with the first box of 5 sabots you shoot, maybe a few more.

Then try it at a longer range if you get the chance. Set the gun back in the safe or closet. You are done. You will be amazed at the accuracy you get by using the right ammo. A friend of mine uses the same gun for years. He uses lightfield and remington sabots in his.

Lots of good ammo out there, I use Federal / Barnes Premium sabots in my hastings barrel on my 870.
Link Posted: 8/10/2005 3:12:47 PM EDT
Zoub is right on target. Don't waste your time shooting foster slugs through a rifled barrel. If you want to shoot cheap slugs, sell the slug gun and buy a smoothbore shotgun.

I have used both the Winchester Nosler Partion Gold sabots and the Federal Hydra-Shok sabots with great results--tight groups at 100 yards.
Link Posted: 8/10/2005 7:06:13 PM EDT
Guys, I'm with you 100%.

I bought and used Foster-type slugs (want to say they were R-P "sluggers", but can't recall) without knowing any better. They still shot pretty well -- only sighted/practiced at 25 yds, so can't say for sure, but the small groups I got tell me they'd have been good for 3-4" at 50 yd for sure.

Barrel leaded like CRAZY, and it took quite a bit of effort to remove. Which tells you, Zoub, yup, it's rifled. The Ultra-Slug is built on the old H&R frame, with a barrel formed from 10 gauge stock, but bored only to 12ga and rifled. Many swear by it as the consistenly most accurate dedicated slug gun on the mkt, good for 3MOA with the "right" slug. I can't verify, but it shot really well w/ innapropriate ammo.

I now have one box each of the following from local merchants: W-W Partition Gold, Fed Hydra-shok, Lightfield Commander, and Brenneke Super Sabot, all 3" except the W-W. Still looking for 3" Buckhammer. These will be tested for accuracy.

The only reason to shoot the Fosters any more would be for practice, but if I can find a cheap sabot alternative I will. Want to do the drill I used for rifle: offhand, transition carry to shoulder w/ hasty sling and snap shot, quick follow up reload and snap shot. Ten times for the pair or whatever it takes to reliably repeat three times within 2-3 in at 25yd (I did 6" at 100 yd with lever rifle pairs). I think any responsible deer hunter should do something like this to be sure he's in charge of the weapon. My plan was to drill cheaply with the Fosters, and then clean up and resight w/ a box of selected premium brand.


Link Posted: 8/11/2005 5:19:24 AM EDT
That is where the 870 or others are better. You can practice with the gun all day long with any load in a smooth bore barrel, switch to the rifled slug barrel and go to the woods.

Don't worry about drilling with the gun. From an ethical perspective, it is more important to have an accurate gun. A lot of people feel you never really get all the lead out after using foster slugs or buck in a rifled barrel. Then accuracy starts to be affected.

These days I bird hunt a lot with a particualr 1100 I have. For that reason, I may add a rifled barrel for it. But I know my 870's hit where I aim and always zero them every fall.
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 4:53:20 PM EDT
Somewhat related - My 870 rifled slug barrel with canileverd scope mount will shoot 4" groups at 100 yards with 5 rounds (if you can keep from crying by the last shot).

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