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Posted: 3/12/2011 8:09:43 PM EST
So.. I may be a little too picky

I need a threaded 10/22 barrel.. was just going to get a Shaw or GM bull barrel and put an NDS front on it. However, I also see that YHM offers a threaded sporter profile.. and others do too. I'd love to keep it light. Is there a way to have a front sight post on this barrel?

I do not want to run factory sights. I have Tech Sights on my 10/22 now and love them. I hate the factory rear still being where it is.. it's not real clean looking.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 8:42:18 PM EST
Have Dremel will travel, I looked into it when I was thinking about picking up a YHM Barrel before and didn't come across any info.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 10:10:10 PM EST
Worst comes to worse I'm sure a Running Boar barrel is lighter than a bull barrel and they are .920 at the muzzle.. just use an NDS-23 front Sure would be funny looking.. though possibly interesting.
Link Posted: 3/13/2011 10:30:24 PM EST
NDS makes some nice stuff, but their front sight posts are round, which can cause a change in POI in different lighting conditions.

IIRC, Tech Sights has an adapter for .920 barrels, and they use an A2 square front sight post.
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