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Posted: 4/16/2002 7:22:02 PM EDT
Well, I'm looking into getting my first 45 auto. I would really prefer to not have to start replacing parts on it to make it run right or be more accurate or whatever. I have been looking at the CZ97($500-550), Sig 220($659) and the SA mil-spec($500-550).

I guess if I'm looking to spend more that much for the Sig I could get a better 1911 but nobody can seem to leave those alone and I would eventually get the bug to start modifying tthe damn thing.

My main use would be for plinking while I would like it fairly accurate and ultimately reliable. No CCW. Combat capable(in suburban Kali)
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 7:27:08 PM EDT
KY imports has Used Sig P220's for $439 add $10 for hand Select. It would be a good first choice if ya like a great gun at a good price.

Link Posted: 4/16/2002 7:44:37 PM EDT
Get the Sig. I have the P220. Reliable as hell, eats anything, very accurate.
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 7:55:06 PM EDT
I guess I really didn't ask a question there, but you got the idea. I have been leaning towards the Sig, I wanted the HK USPf but That was close to $800.

I'm not too big on sight unseen, out of state transfers, especially when shipping is probably $25-30 or so and I have to pay a 10-15% transfer fee. That usually brings the savings close to the local prices.
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 8:07:50 PM EDT
I've bought two guns from KY and am very pleased with both. I just ordered a 220 for myself. $439 + $10 for hand select + $15 shipping and handling + $20 ffl transfer fee comes to $484

Might try finding a part time FFL like my guy who does it for the love of it and not as a primary business. That 10-15% transfer fee kills the good deals.

Best of luck.
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 8:22:24 PM EDT
My $ 0.02 worth:

I have a

HK USP Full size w. MMC Adjustable Nite Site
Glock Model 30
S&W Performance Center Recon-.45 ported & night sights (pre S&W sell out purchase)
Kimber Stainless Gold Match .45

I like the HK USP the best when size is not a concern, it just feels good in my hand and it is very accurate.

I think the Glock shoots as well as the HK USP and it is smaller and cheaper.

I had to send back the S&W because it shot about 12" low and right with its fixed sights at 10 yards. They fixed it, installed adjustable sights and made the gun look like it came from the custom shop by removing all of the tool marks on the gun. It was expensive and I am keeping it as a collector piece.

Kimber is full size with adjustable sights and other people can shoot it quite well. I cannot yet shoot this pistol as accurately as my HK, or even my Glock. Since this gun should shoot circles around either, it is a source of frustration to say the least.

My brother in law let me shoot his Sig P229 once. After the first shot I noticed the gun put a torque to the side on my wrist. The more I shot it the more it bothered me. I told him about it and after a while it began to bother him too. Follow up shots were not an option for me since could never get past the twisting recoil. Sigs are highly thought of by many and I am sure they are great guns, but I can't shoot one.

Try lots of pistols before you buy one and I believe that you will find one that is a better suited for your shooting style, hand size, intended use, etc. than any of the others.
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 8:44:50 PM EDT
I have a CZ97B. It's very nice, extremely accurate, easy cleaning and take down. Kind of big, but easy to shoot. Runs flawlessly. I'm very pleased with it.

Love the 1911. It will always be my favorite for various reasons. It is the best.

Sig has a great rep for quality. Friend has a 220, he absolutely loves it. I don't have a Sig, never shot one, can't say.
Link Posted: 4/16/2002 9:01:02 PM EDT
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