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Posted: 7/24/2002 10:26:03 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/24/2002 10:28:16 AM EDT by Maddog50]
I have an old 590 that I'm setting up for:

1. Home defense
2. Hog hunting

I recently picked up a Surefire forend (623) and discovered that it does not clear the bayonet lug. I can either machine off the bayonet lug or pick up the 623A01 model which will clear the lug. I don't know where to find the 'A01 model.

I think a light will be of more value than a bayonet for both home defense and hog hunting. If I machine off the lug, I lose my front QD lug for the sling. Even with the offset kit (A01), I think the sling would get in the way of the light and vice versa. I've heard that Uncle Mike's makes a side-mount sling attachment point that attaches between the barrel and mag tube. Do you have any experience with alternative sling mounts?

What is the best way to store ammo on the gun? I'm looking at side-saddles and butt-cuffs.

Which side-saddles are best? I've heard that over torquing the screws on the tac-star can jam your action. I also saw something about the tac star not working with "field grade" slide.

Which butt-stock cuffs are good? It looks like the Uncle Mike's won't clear the QD lug on the stock. I guess I could cut a hole in the cuff or bunch it up, but is there a better way?

Also, can anyone tell me the difference between the 590 and the 590A1? Is it just that the 590A1 has a metallic trigger group?
Link Posted: 7/24/2002 11:12:11 AM EDT
For keeping ammo on a gun--side saddle and Davis speed feed stock.

Forget the butt cuffs--you will spend alot of time picking up shells.

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