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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/9/2001 4:28:03 PM EST
I can't decide what to get, I know I will find a use for anything but what would bring me the most pleasure? My price max is $800, should I do a shotgun, get a good Benelli, Baretta, Remington, etc... Or an AR-15, AK-47, HK-91(Price extension), any other ideas, feel free to suggest anything.
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 4:48:59 PM EST
Your question can be better answered if we knew what else you have.

If it were me and this was my first long-gun purchase (even if I had some pistols), I would get an AR-15. It is so versatile, and relatively cheap to shoot, plus you can always morph it and accessorize it into many configs later on. I personally would save for a price extension and get a pre-ban (again, assuming this is your first long-gun, and even more so if this is going to be your only long-gun for a while).

AK47 variant is also a good choice just for blasting, is very reliable, and can double as a decent self-defense tool; although ergonomics are definitely not as good as the AR.

Again, if it were me, I would consider the FAL (either an Imbel receiver STG58 or a DSA STG58) way before the HK-91. Better ergonomics and way better bang-for-the-buck (roughly $850 vs. $2000+).

Good luck in your acquisitions.
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 4:55:16 PM EST
Hi , If you do not have a AR15 then this is a "no brainer" Get a Bushy or Colt Ar15 shorty , dozen mags & a case of ammo. If you have a AR , get a Remington 1100 & trick it out , they are cheap and a blast to shoot steel plates with. GOOD LUCK
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 6:12:42 PM EST
Most 'assult' rifles are a few grand. You mean Shotgun or Semi auto loading rifle.

As turborocket says, would be best if we knew what else you had. If this is your first, I'd get an AK with mags and ammo.

[assult weapon police]
Link Posted: 11/9/2001 6:29:53 PM EST
I think having a pistol, shotgun, and rifle like is used in Three Gun Competition is all one really needs and is the place to start.

Make sure you have a Glock or 1911, a Remington 870 (Vang Comp), and an AR-15 carbine or rifle.

The AR-15 is the most interesting and versatile of the three.
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