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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/2/2003 1:26:52 PM EST
Were there any semi auto only M14's (ala M1A) built by springfield? My dad served in the army with one and has really wanted one because of it. For some reason he wants it to be stamped 'M14' and not 'M1A' like his current rifle. I was just wondering if any of these have been available on the civilian market?
Link Posted: 9/2/2003 2:01:25 PM EST
I have heard that a handfull of "from the ground up" semi-auto only M14's were made under military contract by TRW. IIRC, these were intended for match purposes. Some ended up in civilian hands. At one time, a legal battle was waged over the status of these weapons being considered class 3 or not. ATF of course argued "once a machinegun, always a machinegun".
The court saw it otherwise since these differed slightly from a select fire M14 in design and were not in fact select fire from the time they were manufactured. The verdict was, "not class 3". However, the few in civilian hands are, I'm told, nearly as expensive as a genuine select fire M14.

I believe Armscorp and Enterprise mark their receivers "M14" and the price won't kill you.
Link Posted: 9/4/2003 3:48:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/4/2003 3:49:52 AM EST by Different]
According to Bill Ricca, no USGI M14 ever left the factory without a selector lug. Some USGI M14 rifles have had the selector lock welded on to prevent installation of the selector switch. Sukebe is right. Ownership of one or two M14 rifles were contested in court and the ATF lost those cases. Bill Ricca is familiar with those cases. He's a great resource at www.battlerifles.com and the M1A/M14 Firing Line discussion boards.

Here's a list of all the U. S. commerical made M14 type rifle manufacuters, their receiver markings and the current known number (by me) of receivers they have made. It is from my website m14.freeservers.com

A. R. Sales Co. Mark IV - 2,500
Armscorp M14 NM, M21 - 17,000
Entreprise Arms M14A2 - 1053
Federal Ordnance M14, M14A, M14SA, CM14SA - 60,000
Fulton Armory M14 - 006 (serial numbers began at 00101)
Hesse - 002
LRB Arms M14SA - 010 (serial numbers began at 00101)
Mauntz / H&R Gun Co. Semi Auto - 1126
Maunz Mfg. (Smith Enterprise made receivers) U. S. RIFLE - 1000
Smith Enterprise M-14, M-14 NM - 176 (select fire pre-'86 ban) + 2,505 (pre-'94 ban) + 50 (post-'94 ban)
Smith, Limited M-14 - 237
Springfield Armory, Inc. (Texas and Illinois) M1A - 155,355
Link Posted: 9/6/2003 6:52:00 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/6/2003 6:53:35 PM EST by SO-COM]
So from the sound of it Springfield didn't produce very many, if any at all, of their non selectfire M14's stamped 'M14'.. I would look at getting him another brand stamped 'M14', but he grew up in Springfield, Mass.

I'll just tell him to be happy with the fine M1A he has now.. He barley lets me shoot his, so I see an M1A on my list of to buy rifles.. :)
Link Posted: 9/7/2003 3:35:15 AM EST
Since your Dad is so worked about the M1A stamping on the receiver, how does he feel about the lack of a connector and lug?

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 9/7/2003 6:59:50 AM EST
SO-COM, I'm a little confused. ALL of the M14 rifles made by Uncle Sam (through four contractors - Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, Winchester, TRW, and Harrington & Richardson)had the selector lug, center dismount notch and connector assembly cut on the operating rod rail. They were all capable of select fire but some were made inoperable by welding a selector lock to the the selector shaft inside the selector lug. This was usually done for competition shooting. I understand DCM M14 rifles are this way. The government Springfield Armory in Massachusetts made the fewest USGI M14 rifles at 167,173. H&R made the most M14 rifles of the four contractors.

Springfield Armory, Inc. of Illinois has made more than 150,000 M1A rifles.
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