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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/11/2005 3:21:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/11/2005 3:23:22 PM EDT by arbob]
I stopped in The Firing Line Range and Gunshop in Pearl River, NY and saw the Valkyrie Arm Semi Auto version of the M 3 Grease Gun. when I asked what the retail $ was, the asshat gunsmith said," It`s not for sale. The ATF is coming to look at it and may seize it."

Now I haven`t heard any such thing anywhere and this guy isn`t the brightest bulb in the lamp. So, has anyone heard anything about this? I checked at another gunstore and they had heard nothing about it.
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 3:51:03 PM EDT
Gee, my guess is the guy's full of shit. But I'm sure that surprises you.
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 6:42:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/11/2005 6:51:11 PM EDT by joecav]
What is the barrel length on a grease gun, two inches?? This would have to be a pistol with no stock or disabled in the closed position stock. I'm not with the atf so what do I know. Joe
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 9:39:31 PM EDT
Just check out their web site for starters:

Valkyrie Arms

I saw them at Gun Shows around here.
I was not impressed.

Maybe if it was SBR'd or so...
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 5:34:23 AM EDT
I 've seen them for sale at PA. gunshows. I can't get over that 16" barrel. Maybe if you could SBR it it would be OK. If you really want one, the guy's at Sarco will order one for you.
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 4:14:38 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Bumblebee_Bob:
Gee, my guess is the guy's full of shit. But I'm sure that surprises you.

Link Posted: 8/13/2005 1:17:09 AM EDT
I got a chance to fire a couple of M3A1's at Ft Hood. What a complete and total POS! The thing is uncomfortable as hell to shoot, oweing to that bent coathangar they refer to as a "stock", hard as hell to actually hit anything with it due to the less than useless sights---for strictly house-to-house fighting, I suppose it was alright, but for anything beyond near point-blank range, it HAD to have been more noise-maker than anything else. And sticking your finger into the bolt to charge the weapon? Ugh. I know Uncle Sugar was trying to save a few bucks at the time, but please! A stamped receiver AK47 is an example of refinement, in comparison.
Link Posted: 8/13/2005 4:30:46 AM EDT
ATF has already seen this one.

Link Posted: 8/14/2005 4:59:35 AM EDT
better off building/buying a 9mm black rifle

that dealer is a jeroff. its not even an assault rifle.
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