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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 1/21/2006 3:16:02 PM EDT

Selected Anschütz Rifles Now Available through CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales

By Gary Anderson, DCM

The CMP recently concluded a new agreement that will add selected Anschütz rifles to its Affiliate Rifle Sales Program. Now, target rifles made by the famed German arms maker that are especially suitable as club and team rifles and for new and intermediate level shooters can be purchased from the CMP at special club prices. For the first time, the CMP now offers a smallbore target rifle other than the government surplus target rifles that it sold previously.

The CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales Program was recently expanded to offer three new Anschütz rifles including this M8002 Compressed Air Club Air Rifle.
The new rifles that will be sold through this CMP sales program are the Anschütz Model 8002 Club Air Rifle, the Anschütz Model 1903 Junior Target Smallbore Rifle and the Anschütz Model 1903 Standard Smallbore Rifle. All three rifles were selected because they are ideal rifles for club and school rifle teams to use in fostering the advancement of junior and new target shooters into serious competitions.

The CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales Program offers selected target rifles at special prices that are intended to help clubs and teams acquire the equipment they need to increase participation in target shooting. The program recognizes that new shooters will not normally buy their own target equipment until they are sufficiently advanced to make a long-term commitment to shooting. When clubs and teams do not have equipment for new shooters to use to get started, they lose many potential new shooters. This also means that target equipment dealers ultimately lose many potential new customers who will buy their own equipment once they become serious target shooters.

Through this program, the CMP has sold thousands of precision junior air rifles and sporter class air rifles. The CMP continues to stock and sell the Walther LG300 Junior precision air rifle. For sporter class air rifles, the CMP continues to offer the Daisy M853 pneumatic air rifle and the M888 CO2 air rifle.

All three of the Anschütz rifles available for purchase through the CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales Program come with laser-engraved CMP logos on their butt stocks. The M8002 air rifle will feature these characteristic “blue-orange” colors on all rifles supplied through this CMP program.
The expansion of this program to include the three Anschütz rifles involves a CMP agreement with Creedmoor Sports Inc. of Oceanside, California, and J. G. Anschütz GmbH of Ulm, Germany. To purchase an Anschütz rifle, CMP affiliated clubs and members of affiliated clubs can send their orders and payments to the CMP. The rifles will be shipped by Creedmoor, which will import them as part of their U. S. distribution agreement with Anschütz.

Orders for the rifles may be submitted to the CMP by a CMP-affiliated club or team or by an individual member of a CMP-affiliated club. Individuals must include a copy of their club membership with the order. Payment by credit card or check must be sent to CMP at the time of the order. Orders for smallbore rifles must include a signed copy of the FFL of a gun dealer who agrees to receive the rifle and deliver it to the person or club submitting the order.

The order form for these rifles is now posted on the CMP web site at http://www.odcmp.com/Programs/JrRifles.htm. All three of the rifles that are made for the CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales Program come with laser-engraved CMP logos on the right side of the butt stock. Here are descriptions of the new rifles and their prices.

Anschütz M8002 Club Air Rifle. This is a compressed air rifle that comes equipped with the Anschütz 6834 sight set, air cylinder, refill adapter, an extra set of O rings, barrel weight and the original test group. The attractive blue laminated stocks supplied on these rifles are a CMP exclusive; this particular stock/model color combination will be supplied only on CMP Anschütz M8002 rifles. The “Club” air rifle features an ambidextrous stock that can be used by either right or left-handed shooters. The adjustable cheek piece can quickly be reversed for right or left-handed shooters. The Anschütz M8002 system represents the latest in compressed air firing technology. At 8 ¼ pounds, the weight of this rifle is ideal for newer precision class three-position and standing air rifle shooters. The CMP price for the M8002 Club Air Rifle is $1,195.00 each.

The Anschütz M1903 Junior Target Smallbore rifle is now available for CMP-affiliated clubs and teams to purchase for their junior smallbore rifle programs.
Anschütz M1903 Junior Target Smallbore Rifle. The M1903 is a bolt-action single shot rifle that comes with the same Anschütz 6834 sight set, a hand stop, screwdriver, Allen wrench and original test group. The beech stock has an ambidextrous pistol grip and a butt plate that can be adjusted for height and length. The M1903 Junior Smallbore weighs 7.8 pounds so it is light enough that junior shooters can handle it comfortably. The CMP price for the M1903 Junior Smallbore Rifle is $1,045.00.

The Anschütz M1903 Standard Smallbore Rifle is available through the CMP Affiliate Rifle Sales Program in either right or left handed versions.
Anschütz M1903 Standard Smallbore Rifle. The M1903 Standard rifle features the same action and trigger as the M1903 junior rifle; the barrel, however, is 4 ¼ inches longer and the overall weight of the rifle is two pounds heavier at 9.8 pounds. The stock on this rifle has a butt plate that is adjustable for length and height as well as an adjustable cheek piece. This model rifle comes with right or left handed stocks; orders must specify type of stock is required. These rifles come equipped with a hand stop, screwdriver, Allen wrench and original test group. The CMP price for the M1903 Standard Smallbore Rifle is $1,125.00.

CMP-affiliated clubs and school teams will also have the option of purchasing these rifles on the CMP’s delayed payment program, but this option is not available to individual club members who order these rifles.

The three Anschütz rifles that are now available for purchase at special CMP affiliate prices represent a significant expansion of this program. Clubs, teams and club members who want to order the Anschütz M8002 Club Air Rifle, the M1903 Junior Target Smallbore Rifle or the M1903 Standard Smallbore Rifle may do so by using the CMP order form that is posted at http://www.odcmp.com/Programs/JrRifles.htm.

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Booo! Nice stocks, but no 54 actions.
I already have a 64 action in my lowly 64 MP R:

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