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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/29/2005 10:37:26 AM EDT
E-gunparts are out and local dealer says that ATF is holding them up because of importation problems? Anyone?
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 12:08:47 PM EDT
As you have figured out, the Nova extensions are no longer available due to import restrictions. There is at least one company that makes an aftermarket extension here in the USA. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the company's name. Perhaps a Google search might help.
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 3:36:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/29/2005 3:37:49 PM EDT by gunney]

A little expensive but here you go. You can specify shorter lengths for mag extension. Just click on the mag tube BRT-EXT for details.

Sure Cycle
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 4:14:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/30/2005 4:08:44 AM EDT by ManekiNeko]
Sure Cycle... that is the one I had in mind. I've never used their products. I had a factory extension on my Nova H20. I purchased the Nova and the extension about this time last year. Now both have been sold.
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 4:24:53 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/29/2005 4:26:02 PM EDT by jjrockbush]
Yeah, here on my Benelli Nova. Factory baby.....

I had it on the EE a while back, soooooo............

Link Posted: 1/8/2006 7:32:44 PM EDT
Whoa! $95 for a mag extension? I'm going to need one soon but jeezus.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 1:03:37 PM EDT
I recently purchased a factory mag extension from LEED in Tacoma Washington. I paid $49 for it and it works great. I know they have at least one left in stock, so you might give them a try. Their web site is leedway.com.

The extension I purchased was anodized a camo pattern, but it was an easy job to turn it black.
Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 1:34:34 PM EDT
Do a search on eBay. I've seen 'em listed on there within the last week or so.
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 5:03:24 AM EDT
I have a few factory Benelli +2 Nova black extensions let me know if you're intrested.
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 6:42:59 PM EDT
How much are you asking? I have been looking for one on and off for a few months.
Thank you
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 7:44:41 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/14/2006 7:48:09 PM EDT by gunney]
If you buy the sure cycle, ask for 5-1/2" length. I asked one of the owners and he said this length would fit 18-1/2" special purpose barrel.

I bought Benelli 2 shot mag ext. on EBay last week for $100. It is nice. Although, you loose the break-down tool and the ability to easily remove the barrel. I did not put the clamp on the barrel because it seemed unnecessary. Opinions for or against using the clamp?
Link Posted: 1/15/2006 4:52:16 AM EDT
$150 shipped priority mail for the black NIP Benelli Nova extensions that I have.

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