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Posted: 6/13/2002 9:56:18 AM EDT
Does anyone have any info or an opinion on a full size 945. I am not looking for any info on S&W I know some have thoughts on them. I need thoughts on this pistol. How does it compare to others in its class?
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Link Posted: 6/13/2002 5:31:19 PM EDT
I have one, as a bullseye pistol I think the full size model exceeds anything in it's class.  The quality of fit and assembly are phenomenal, the trigger breaks like the proverbial glass rod, and the spherical muzzle bushing is genius.  The bushing to barrel fit is so close that it takes a little patience to get everything lined up properly on reassembly after cleaning.  The checkering on the grip and slide are perfect, and the fish-scale pattern they use on the slide gives a better grip than any other I've seen.  Mine has the black finish and it's holding up well after a couple of years.

Personally I'd choose a 945 over any other high end 1911 (or other) style 45 made.  There's a lot of close fitted bearing surface on the frame, slide, and bushing but function is perfect as long as it's lubed correctly. The extractor is well tuned and this thing throws spent brass farther than any pistol I've ever seen.  This pistol will shoot a ragged hole on any day that I can do my part, and recoil is very comfortable.

I doubt that I'll ever be able to shoot well enough to take full advantage of a 945's quality.  I can't help but admire it as a great example of the gunmaker's art everytime I use it or field strip it.

If I could change anything at all about it I'd like to see some kind of tritium inserts added to the BoMar sights.  The standard black ones work best only against a light colored background with my eyes, so a six o'clock sighting picture is pretty much mandatory.
Link Posted: 6/13/2002 9:50:15 PM EDT
I lust after 945s as well BUT one thing I hate is that plugged hole in the slide where the decocker normally goes! I cannot believe S&W was too GD cheap to build a new slide for this wonderful gun!
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