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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/1/2006 2:43:08 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/1/2006 3:02:34 PM EST by Delta068]
Both of these are listed as 2-3/4" 00 Buck, only problem is the S&B is actually 3" not 2-3/4" Took me a while to figure this out, Couldn't figure why I couldn't fit 7 rounds in my 870 till I compared them to a box of Winchester 2-3/4" 00 Buck I bought today.

Picture says it all

The actual shell lists it as 2-3/4" and so does the box. I also have a box that actually labels it as 3" and the box is the same size as the 2-3/4" and it made me realize something was up.

Does S&B not make 2-3/4"??????????

Also, what do you guys use to store your shells??? I bought a "dry box" but it only holds 100 shells, And I have 300+ at all times. Need something to store my surplus besides the boxes they come in
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 2:25:52 AM EST
Shotshell case length refers to the length AFTER being fired with the crimps opened up.

Looking at your pictures, it appears to me the S&B roll crimp is a very short one.

Go to the range, fire one of each brand and then compare the case lengths after firing.
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 7:34:06 AM EST
Ok, I never knew that, but the 2-3/4" and the 3" are the same size. Side by Side
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 9:31:49 AM EST
Do you mean fired or unfired? I imagine it's possible they mismarked some shells; but check fired casings first. From the case head rim to the outer edge of the unfolded crimp, the fired shell should
measure 2-3/4" (or 70mm) The 3" would be 76mm when fired.

I shoot a lot of trap and I reload Remington 12 ga STS hulls and I have noticed very slight variations in length among the various Premier STS hulls: all of which are considered 2-3/4" shells.

The "shortest" among them is the 7/8ths ounce (28 gram) International Skeet, loading which is a little shorter than the 1-oz or 1-1/8th oz American trap and skeet shells of the same type and their Pigeon load casings are a little longer still, because they are loaded with an 1-1/4 oz. load. There are five different factory wads used in the Remington Premier STS hulls because there are so many variations of loads. When I notice this, it is because I have to adjust my crimp die height to make, nice, neat crimps
when I change a batch of hulls.

So, again, go fire the two brands and measure the case lengths after they've been shot then you'll know for sure if you have mismarked shells or not. Please post what you find, I'd be interested to know, too. Good knowledge for reference
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 7:23:28 PM EST
2 3/4'' win has 9 pellets s&b 2 3/4'' has 12 pellets. I got 300 rounds of the S&B to shoot in my Saiga 12. It is 2 3'4 before and after shot. win is 2 3/4'' after shoot. It mild loaded powder wise. Recoil is med. seems to spread a littel faster than win or rem but it is not buffer shot.
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 2:15:32 AM EST
my S&B is the same way.

marked 2 3/4, actually 3 inches
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 10:38:48 AM EST
It refers to unloaded shell size. S&B has a shot crimp and a platic "plate" over the end rather than a waste 1/4" or so of full crimp. Thus, they can squeeze more crap in.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 9:23:49 AM EST
I bought a bunch of the S&B a few years back & it was all 2-3/4 but it was longer than other 2-3/4 rounds. It all fired fine but was longer than 2-3/4.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 10:29:12 AM EST
Here's a picture of fired hulls. There's a Winchester slug, Winchester Buckshot, and a S&B 00Buck hull.

The shallow roll crimp on a clear overshot card makes them longer in loaded form. You don't get as many in your mag tube. If you want 12pellet 00Buck, get the Winchester version. It patterns better, is a star crimped round (shorter loaded) and is available at Midway. I have not been impressed with the S&B Buck loads I've tested. The Winchester loads are buffered and pattern great, with evenly distributed patterns. Heck, even the Remington Express non-buffered loads pattern better than the S&B.

For storage, the mil-surp ammo cans are great. The skinny cans (30 cal? or 223 belt?) can hold 200 - 300 loose 12ga rounds if memory serves; I'll ask my brother. I prefer the larger cans so I can leave the ammo in their factory boxes for identification. I also found a boater's dry box at Walmart. It is bright orange and runs a little less than $8. It is a tall can and you can really pack a lot of ammo in it.

Hope that helps.
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