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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/29/2002 4:04:16 PM EST
I don't know anything about these cool little rifles and had some questions.

first off after the russians which is best chinese or yugos??

next question I have seen a few and some have 30rd mags and others have a fixed mag,
if they have a 30 does this mean that it has been converted? or did some originally come with detach. mags?

also how are the detachable mags and can you convert them back to fixed mag for better reliability? or is it hard to change them back to normal?

Link Posted: 11/29/2002 4:13:22 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/29/2002 6:08:21 PM EST
I bought a Russian years ago and it would "double tap" unintentionally.Sometimes it would throw out a three round burst with just one pull of the trigger.Kinda scary.A buddy of mine has a Chinese and hasn't had any problems.Of course,I had detachable mags in it.Don't know if it was a factor.Anyway,I sold it to start my AR fund.Even though I have a never ending love for my Sporter,I do miss that SKS.
Link Posted: 11/29/2002 7:12:14 PM EST
There is an SKS Sporter that was made to take factory AK47 mags with no modifications. They work REALLY well If you can find one. I think I have seen two in the last 5 years.
I bought one of them.
Link Posted: 11/29/2002 7:14:11 PM EST
The SKS comes in a model D version that takes AK47 magazines. I have one and it works just fine with 5 to 40 round magazines. But the run of the mill SKSs have a fixed 10 round mag and they work best with that one.

I have owned 2 Chinese and they shoot just fine and they were just as well finished as any of the Russian ones that I have seen. One had a screwed on barrel and my model D has a pinned barrel. The model D is more accurate (2.5 groups at 100 yards with Wolf ammo).

Just buy one. buy up a lot of ammo (it's very cheap) and have fun.

Link Posted: 11/30/2002 5:22:19 AM EST
so how can you tell if it is one of the sporter models that is made for AK mags?
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 11:32:11 AM EST
anyone got any ideas?
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 11:51:58 AM EST
The Sporter models are postban ( 1989 import ban ). There were two of them.

They both accepted AK mags and had no bayonet lug. One has the Monte Carlo stock ( SKS-M ) and the other one had a uglier thumbhole stock.
They have 16" paratrooper barrels.

I own a SKS-M and never had a problem with it. It chews Wolf ammo and LOVES it.

I am looking at getting a pre-ban SKS-D. It has a folding spike bayonet and a 20" barrel.

I believe they are are stamped Sporter on the side ( the postban ones ).
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 12:36:48 PM EST

Originally Posted By Troy:

An SKS will be extremely reliable with the fixed 10-round mag. It will not be reliable with any detachable mag. Most people buy them anyway, because they don't want to believe that, but most usually end up putting the 10-rounder back in


I know you're the mag expert, Troy, but I have both Chinese and Russian SKSs that have never failed to feed with 20 and 30 round detachable
mags. The detachable mags are ungainly with their "duckbill" attachment, and therefore not very practical for ripping out of an ammo pouch under duress, but for plinking, I shoot with my detachable no-name mags all day long with no problems.

I prefer the Russian Tula over the Norinco; it just seems to be of higher quality.

Panzer Out

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