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Posted: 1/6/2012 5:58:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/6/2012 6:00:19 AM EDT by sixnine]
Sort of a dupe from GD, but not really because the focal point is not Renner but the axe.


I see this becoming a fad quick.

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Link Posted: 1/6/2012 9:45:20 AM EDT
That thing looks crazy as hell. I would not want to catch that to the back or neck. Amazed that guy lived.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 9:59:11 AM EDT
that is mad max style weapons there.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 10:46:53 AM EDT
I have a strong urge to make one now.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 11:22:47 AM EDT
Wonder where that knife is from, it's neat looking.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 2:39:53 PM EDT
I'm seriously going to keep an eye open for old crotch rocket rotors from now on. Sad story, but definitely a sweet looking makeshift axe!
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 3:18:58 PM EDT
Awesome, one rotor will make two axes or a double sided axe.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 10:14:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 5:43:25 AM EDT by KYVENOM]
Play stupid games…

Seriously, I could not possibly care any less. Mr. super hero didn’t do so well I suppose. Oh well. I know better than to go places that I cannot be well armed. Of course our military personnel have to travel. Outside of that, if you travel to places where you cannot care for yourself or those for whom you are responsible, at least take a big jar of Vaseline.
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 10:52:55 AM EDT
I have been in Thailand doing security and vacationing. It is a beautiful place with friendly people, BUT, you can loose your money and your life there just as easy as not. Paying attention to where you are and who you are with are very important. It seems that they had friends there they did not know they had. The actor and his detail should have stayed closer to 'home' if you know what I mean, especially if they were drinking. As for the makeshift weapons, some very nasty things can be made if you know how and what to use.
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 3:39:39 PM EDT
What the hell was he doing in Thailand of all places? Poor choice of a vacation spot. Next time go to Costa Rica or Barbados.
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 6:26:08 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Kilroytheknifesnob:
What the hell was he doing in Thailand of all places? Poor choice of a vacation spot. Next time go to Costa Rica or Barbados.

I was thinking... Indiana, Ohio, Eastern KY, or any other place an individual can carry and defend themself.

Link Posted: 1/8/2012 9:06:58 AM EDT
Looks like $40-200 for bike rotors depending on what you want.

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Page Armory » Blades
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