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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/21/2006 6:37:34 AM EST
Okay, for you guys with Rhineland R22s with feeding or magazine problems, try this. Sorry I don’t have pics but I think I can describe it in words well enough to get you through.

If all your magazines lock in easily and pop out easily, then this trick will probably not apply to you.

1. Make sure gun is unloaded. Check it again! Disassemble lower receiver (trigger/mag well unit) from upper receiver by removing four stock bolts, remove stock, remove forward and rear receiver bolts.

2. Now hold a magazine (I recommend a Ruger factory 10/22 mag) up to the upper receiver in its approximate normal location. Do the flat vertical sides of the magazine meet the receiver exactly, with no gap? Or is there a little gap there? If you have a little gap, you have a problem that’s easily fixed. (No gap, this trick won’t help—might as well clean the gun since you have it apart and put it back together. Sorry to have wasted your time.) What’s happening is that the “pyramid” portion of the magazine is interfering with the inner edge of the lower side of the receiver.

3. Remove the bolt and stuff some rags into the bolt/chamber area to keep metal filings out of this area and the bore.

4. File a slight bevel (45 degrees or so) on the inner receiver walls. You don’t need a Dremel for this, a common small file will work just fine. Length and exact placement of this filing is not critical as long as you get the whole magazine area. No need to go nuts here, either. You don’t need to knife-edge the lower receiver walls. A few strokes should do it. Check your progress often with the magazine as described in Step 2 above. As soon as you can hold the mag up to the upper receiver with no gap on either side, you’re done!

5. Remove rags and make sure you have all the metal filings out of the receiver. Wouldn’t hurt to run a cleaning patch or brush down the bore just to make SURE. Reinstall the bolt.

6. Reassemble the rifle. I’ve found this sequence to work best for me: Install front and rear receiver bolts but leave them several turns loose. Install the stock, and install and tighten the four stock bolts. Now snug down the front receiver bolt. FINALLY, snug down the rear receiver bolt. Moderately snug is all you need here—going too tight could damage the stock.

Before I did this, only one of my three Ruger factory mags would lock in at all, and that one had to be horsed and jiggled. Only one of three aftermarket mags would lock in. Since I did this, ALL 10/22 mags I’ve tried snap right in and pop right out easily. Feeding has been 100% and ejection is also improved.

Hope this helps someone.
Link Posted: 3/21/2006 10:56:03 AM EST
Is this a Gen1 or a Gen2 R22? Main reason I ask is I swore Rhineland specifically warned people away from the ruger factory mags with the 2nd gen for some reason.
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