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Posted: 9/7/2005 5:24:40 PM EDT
I was looking at Remington 870P Synthetic Shotgun and there are so many choices to choose from. One thing that I couldn't figure out is what is the differenece between Speedfeed I Stock & Fore-End and Speedfeed Sport Synthetic Stock & Fore-end. Is there an advantage in choosing one over another and why?

Also are these shotguns restricted to LEO and military purchase only?

here is the URL that I am looking at: http://www.remingtonle.com/shotguns/870synthetic.htm

Much thanks

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:03:37 PM EDT
As far as the Speedfeeds I don't know. Go check out their website. But no, these are not for LEO only though some dealers won't stock them.
Link Posted: 9/7/2005 10:17:44 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/7/2005 10:21:40 PM EDT by dfariswheel]
I think the Speedfeed One has the internal "magazine" that holds 4 spare rounds, and the Speedfeed Sport has no magazine.

Check their web site:

Remington is quite happy to sell you a Police shotgun.

Here's why you may have problems:
Remington sells Police guns ONLY to Factory Authorized LAW ENFORCEMENT Distributors, who sell to FFL dealers.

FFL Dealers buy Remington guns from SPORTING Factory Authorized Distributors.

The problem is, Not all Remington distributors are LAW ENFORCEMENT distributors.

Many FFL dealer just don't buy from the LE distributors, so they have to make a special order from a LE distributor.
This means calling around and finding a Distributor that has the gun you want in stock, mailing them a copy of his FFL along with a money order, and hoping the distributor still has the gun in stock when the letter gets there.

This is too big a pain in the butt for some dealers, so they sometimes blow you off by telling you that Remington won't sell Police guns to "civilians".
A few dealers even believe this.

The Remington factory will tell you to go to a Remington FFL dealer and have him order the gun for you.

You may have to shop around until you find one that will, and won't try to scalp you on the price.

Here's an online place that stocks Police guns, so you can get an idea of what a ball park price is.

I will say that the 870 Police gun is damn well worth the effort and price.

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